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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

NOTD: My Favourite Polish of All Time

A few weeks ago I discovered my favourite polish of all time. I found myself wanting to wear it all the time and I love how it looks on my nails! But I only had it in a mini size so while I was in Sydney I picked up the full size version!

 Essie - Lady Like is a muted mauve-taupe sort of colour that can also look nude in some lighting. This polish is from Essie's Fall 2011 collection I believe. But this collection is still the one on the stands here in Australia. It's been on the stands since maybe February; that's when I first noticed it. We have a very limited selection of Essies. I'm hoping they restock soon though and give us the Winter 2011 collection, even though we're a third through Winter now. I can't even remember what the Winter collection was, off the top of my head (though I'm usually good at remembering things, so this is weird...). Lady Like is very simple and classy and I just love it so much! It makes your nails and hands look polished without drawing attention to them. It was the first Essie polish I ever wore and I was very impressed with the formula, since I had heard that Essie formula was very sheer and hard to work with but this polish isn't that at all! Great polish to work with and was opaque in two coats. :) I think this one would be very job interview appropriate. Or just work appropriate in general, if you work somewhere more conservative. I'm loving netural polishes lately. I own a lot of them but in reality I don't actually wear them all that often. xD

PS. I'd like to apologise for the fact that my cuticles are looking a little dry in my photos. I believe I took these photos literally right after I washed my hands, or showered or something and hadn't applied any cuticle oil or hand cream yet. Which is weird for me because I am ALWAYS doing that. ;)

More info & swatches after the jump! :)



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