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Monday, October 15, 2012

QOTW 3: Favourite Top And Base Coats

Hey hey! Another week, another question! :)

This week's question is...
What are your favourite top and base coats?

I try a lot of different base and top coats. Fast drying is the main quality I like in both a base and top coat. I hate waiting for a base coat to dry! And a fast drying top coat is a MUST for me because I usually paint my nails late at night.

My favourite base coats are:
• Duri Rejuvacote - I don't think Rejuvacote is meant to be used as a base coat but I do. It's extremely fast drying, super strengthening and it also promotes growth! It's also very good for girls who are trying to get their nails healthy and strong after wearing acrylic or artificial nails.
• CND Stickey - CND Stickey base coat is just what it sounds like. It dries fast, and I a "Stickey" (yeah their spelling of "sticky" is annoying) finish so that your polish can adhere better!

And my favourite top coats are...
• Seche Vite - Very original I know. Seche Vite is AMAZING though. The fastest drying top coat I have ever tried! And it dries all your layers of polish too! So your whole mani is dry so freaking fast! It is very thick in formula however and once you get about halfway through the bottle you need to thin it out a lot. The shine you get from SV is also amazing. Some people don't like it though because it is NOT 3 Free. I love that I can do my nails, slap on Seche Vite and go to bed in 20 mins and not worry about messing up my nails!
• Essie Good to Go - Good to Go is very similar to SV in my opinion, but less thick. The bottle lasts longer before it needs to be thinned also. Maybe a fraction slower drying time but so nice.
• Revlon Quick Dry Top Coat - Revlon's top coat is not as good as the Seche and Essie top coats but it is pretty good for a "drugstore" top coat. It doesn't dry as fast as Seche & Essie but I'll still use it, if I'm doing my nails in the day time. I'd wait at least an hour before going to bed after using this top coat.
• Sally Hansen Insta Dri - Insta Dri is awesome. A little slower dry time than Seche & Essie but its faster than the Revlon. It's thick but not as thick as Seche. It's super shiny! It also gets thick once you've used a bit of the bottle though.
• Sally Hansen Mega Shine - Mega Shine is pretty similar to Seche Vite for me! Again, a fraction slower dry time but in all other ways, super similar! :)

I'm always looking for new base and top coats to try!
Let me know what your favourites are and what you like about them!



natalsie said...

Why no comments? Hate it when posts don't have many "friends" (i.e. comments) So I will tell you about mine - I uses Seche ridge filler base coat and Seche top coat. For non shrinking coat I use Color Club and Essence )))

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