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Monday, January 7, 2013

Aussie Nails Monday 7/1 - Animal

Happy Monday! :) I hope you had a great weekend! It's sooo hot here today. :( Sorry this post is going up a bit late. I was lazy last night and couldn't be bothered to edit my photos and then schedule the post, which is what I usually do. :P But here it is!

Today for Aussie Nails Monday, we did Animal print! :) Animal print scares me a bit haha. I don't know if I really like the look of it on my nails... Which makes it kinda silly that I put it as one of the themes if I don't like it but oh well! :P

I have to say, my all time favourite animal print nails have been done by Brie! Her nails always look amazing and she does awesome leopard prints! :D
So my animal print manicure is inspired by her! :) You can see her amazing version here.

On my pointer and pinky I used OPI's Pink Friday.
On my middle finger I did a base of Ulta3 Lily White and then did polka dots in Essence Black is Back. My go-to black is usually Ulta3's Black Satin, but my bottle's getting a bit stringy so I didn't use it for this.
On my ring finger I used a silver holographic glitter in a clear base from a brand that I think is called Lorins Professional. I believe it's from Israel? I think it's called 734A. Haha. I did the leopard print using OPI Pink Friday, Ulta3 Lily White and Essence Black Is Back.

This definitely isn't my best leopard print unfortunately. Oh well! :P


StardustStephanie said...

These look great to me! I love the colors. I'm starting to think I need OPI Pink Friday now.

Valesha said...

Cute Lissa! I love your blog layout! So adorable!

Anonymous said...

This is lovely! Great job!

Essie Rae iHeartPrettyPolish said...

This is great!

Sarah said...

This is so cute! I love it!

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