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Friday, January 11, 2013

Mission Untrieds #2: Femme Fatale Cosmetics - A Tisket A Tasket

Hey hey! I have my second Mission Untrieds post for you!
If you didn't know, I'm on a mission to get through my untried nail polishes. :P You can see my first post HERE.

This is Femme Fatale Cosmetics A Tisket A Tasket. A milky white base that has a gorgeous yellow-y green shimmer through it, with small baby blue glitters, slightly larger green and pink glitters, blue square glitters, and larger pastel green glitters.

This was probably the first Femme Fatale polish that I wanted. It is SO cute with the pastel glitters! And I love glitters in a milky base like this. :)
I own a few Femme Fatale polishes and they're all awesome! No fishing for glitters, pretty combinations, great customer service! :D
I can't believe I actually don't own any full size of these polishes though! I need to grab some ;)

I bought this bottle from a blog sale but you can grab these on the Femme Fatale Cosmetics website if you're in Australia. If you aren't from Australia, you can buy Femme Fatale polishes through Shoppe Eclecticco which is based in Singapore but I believe they ship worldwide. Or you could go through Harlow and Co, which I also believe ship worldwide though they're based in Canada. :) Prices will vary from site to site.

Hope you enjoyed the second polish from my untrieds basket!


Julz Perri said...

This polish is so darn cute. I love glitters in a milky base.

Lu said...

I adore this nail polish! It's definitely one of my favourites from Femme Fatale.

Anonymous said...


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