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Thursday, February 28, 2013

My Life In February ♡

Hey guys! Thanks so much for all the sweet birthday messages on my last post! :) And also on Twitter/Instagram! :) I was even getting messages the day after my birthday haha (woohoo elongated birthday ;))! Really, thank you :) ♥

Today I have my February Favourites post for you! :) I decided to call these posts "My Life In <insert month here>" haha. I did my first favourites post last month if you want to check that out to find out exactly what I'll be showing you in my favourites posts.
February is a favourite in itself! February is probably my second fave month after December! Obviously February is my birthday month, and I love Valentine's Day too. :)

So, onto my favourites starting with the more nail related stuff. :)

Nail Polish
Hmm... For nail polish this month I'd have to say that my favourite was definitely...
Color Club Blue Heaven. Nothing like this crazy holo goodness. ♥
Closely followed by OPI's Absolutely Alice which I wore for my birthday manicure! It's just AMAZING. ♥_♥ So beautiful.
I was also really loving reds and more 'classic' polish colours in February! I wore red nails a few times but I only posted one of them which you'll see in just a second. ;)

Nail Art
I didn't do a whole lot of nail art in Feb but two stood out to me.
I absolutely loved my Stripy Cupcake Nails and it seems as though a lot of you did too! :) Thanks for all the positive feedback on these as well as the tutorial!

Another mani I really enjoyed was this one. OPI Red Lights Ahead...Where? + stamping with QA18. I love this red, to begin with, but I also love the combo of red and white together and even though my stamping isn't great, I thought it was cute. :)
I also wanted to let you know that my lovely auntie bought me the BundleMonster 2012 stamping plates for my birthday! So you can expect to see more stamping from me from now on. :D I'm so excited to try them out! :)

Nail Care
This month I have been loving using regular old Olive Oil on my cuticles! It might sound a bit weird, but it's soooo moisturising and I love lathering a whole ton of it onto my cuticles before I go to bed. I wake up with really moisturised cuticles. Plus it's WAY cheaper than regular cuticle oils (which sometimes can contain chemicals or other junk you just don't need), and you can find it in like, every grocery shop! :) I definitely recommend it! I just pour some into an empty cuticle oil bottle (or you could just use an empty polish bottle) and use it that way. :)
I've also been wearing cotton gloves to bed, but it has been so hot lately that I keep waking up in the middle of the night and pulling the gloves off! lol! The gloves are great because I lather a whole heap of hand cream onto my hands and then use my olive oil or Lush Lemony Flutter, slap on the gloves and they really help the products to sink in and moisturise my hands and cuticles, rather than getting all over my bed sheets lol! I just picked up a pack at the grocery shop (you can grab them while you're there getting your olive oil! ;)).

TV Show & Movie
At the end of January / beginning of February I started watching Sabrina The Teenage Witch from season 1! I've seen it before on TV but never seen the episodes in order. I also loved the animated series when I was younger. I love Salem lmao! So I have been LOVING Sabrina! ♥ I've gone through like 3ish seasons in a couple of weeks!
I've also been loving Modern Family! Such a funny show! Ahhh I just love it. <3 On a side note - I really want some of the Nicole by OPI Modern Family polishes!

Blog / Blogger
This month I was obsessed with the following blogs...
Nails By Kayla Shevonne
I've been following Kayla Shevonne for a while now but lately I've been especially enjoying her posts lately! :) Her swatches are impeccable and so is her nail art! She's also a nail tech and her nail care series is AWESOME. :) So I really suggest you follow her if you aren't already!
ChitChat Nails
Another blog that I've been following for a while now but recently fell in love with! Marta has amazing nails, and her photos also look incredible. She does really creative and unique 'skitlette' manicures which I love :) I also think it's really cool when she features pretty jewellery in her photos! ^_^ You muuuust follow her! :D

iPhone Apps
This month I rediscovered a game I like! It's called "IMDB Trivia" and it's FREE. :D I mostly only have free apps, FYI. IMDB Trivia is a movie and TV show trivia game! I looove it. And I recently started playing again! It's really fun and I love movies and TV!
I've also been more into photo editing on my phone lately. I love "Overgram" (free), and "Camera+" ($0.99AU). Overgram can add cool text to your photos and Camera+ is like the regular camera app and Instagram in one, but BETTER. It has so many great features that the normal camera app is lacking including a timer, and some really nice effects! :)

I've also been loving my iPhone in general! I just upgraded a few days ago, from the iPhone 4, to the iPhone 5! ♥ I love so many things about it! It has a much better camera compared to the one on the iPhone 4, it's faster, lighter, the screen is bigger... It's just great! It's white too which I love. I had a black iPhone 4 and I always felt like my cases looked ugly on it. LOL.

I also love my super cute mint green case! I may or may not have bought this weeks before I even knew if I would be upgrading. :P I bought it on eBay HERE if you're interested. Just FYI - it's not very protective of course, it's VERY thin but it is sooo cute (and really cheap!).

What were some of your fave things this month?! Polishes, TV shows, movies, iPhone apps, any of that stuff! :D Or makeup?! I am interested in makeup as well as nail polish but I probably won't be featuring any makeup in my favourites posts because I don't really try out new products very often, but I'd love to hear what some of your recent favourite products are :D

Hope you have a fantastic day! ♥


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