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Friday, February 8, 2013

Sally Hansen - Mint Sorbet - Mission Untrieds #14

This is Sally Hansen Mint Sorbet from the Xtreme Wear line.
2 coats + topcoat.

Mint Sorbet is obviously a pastel mint colour. It kind of dried darker than the colour looks in the bottle, though. Which was actually a bit disappointing because I wanted it to be REALLY pastel. :(

The formula on this was terrible, to be totally honest with you. :/ It was extremely thick and goopy, like I'd owned it for years when this was actually my first time using it. It was also a bit bubbly but I think I managed to avoid the bubbles. So this one definitely needs some thinner.
I also hate the brush on these Xtreme Wear polishes. The polish tends to run off the brush out of nowhere! Argh.
Lucky I only paid like $1.50 for it because I had Priceline vouchers haha.

Do you have a fave pastel mint green? This is the only one I own and since I'm not too fond of it, I'm on the hunt for a new great pastel mint! :) I want a very white based one.


Gabby said...

I've never found a Sally Hansen polish from this line, that hasn't been goopy and thick! Such a shame because they're some really gorgeous colours! Especially this one! Your nails are so pretty!

Michelle said...

Gelato in Venice by Julie G is a very pretty pastel mint green!

Michelle said...

Gelato in Venice by Julie G is a very pretty pastel mint green!

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