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Monday, June 25, 2012

NOTD: Coral Fever

I've been really into mixing polishes lately! Mixing white into bright colours to make them more pastel, mixing colours into clear polish to make a "jelly" polish. It's so fun to me.
Here is the result of a polish I mixed!
I started with Essence - C'est La Vie. I wasn't a fan of that polish. I'm not sure why I bought it actually. I guess I thought it was more coral but it was actually very orange. So I thought I'd add some hot pink to it to make it more coral! I tipped out about a quarter of the Essence polish and I added some of Rimmel - Hot Shot to the polish; I don't remember how much exactly. And I then added a bit of a white polish to tone down the brightness of it. And I absolutely LOVED the result!

More info & swatches after the jump! :)

It turned into a coraly-pink colour, almost a bit neon! Totally love it. It turned out on my nails a bit darker than what I saw in the bottle which was kind of strange but I still LOVE the colour so much!

The only bad thing about this is that I can't exactly remember how much of the other polishes I mixed into this so I won't be able to recreate it again, and Essence bottles are only 5ml I believe so quite small. If you happen to know of a colour that looks similar to this I'd love if you shared with me so that I could buy one and not have to mix it myself again. :)



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