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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Sydney Polish Haul + More! (Pic Heavy!)

Hey guys!
I'm sorry I haven't posted anything for about a week. I've been away in Sydney, NSW for 4 days!

My mum won a competition (she's a competition junkie, it's AWESOME. We've had some amazing opportunities/experiences thanks to my clever mother! :)) for two people to go to The Voice Australia grand final in Sydney! When she told me, I started crying and laughing (I giggle a lot when I'm excited about something) and almost choked on whatever I was eating! All because Delta Goodrem, my favourite singer of all time, my obsession and role model, is one of the coaches! I've been a MASSIVE Delta fan since I was 9 (about 10 years). I don't think I've ever been so excited about something in my entire life.
So of course my mum said I could go on the trip, I think that was the reason she entered, knowing that I LOVE Delta. But she said she couldn't go with me but that I could take my boyfriend with me! This was even more exciting because we'd never been on a holiday or anything together and it was our 5 year anniversary about 3 weeks ago (the day before I found out about the prize actually) so it was really cool. I then found out that the prize included even MORE amazing things, if The Voice grand final wasn't amazing enough! We were staying in a 5 star hotel, having limo transfers to our hotel from the airport (and back to the airport at the end), limo transfers to/from the Voice at Fox Studios, a 2 hour beauty treatment including facials, massages and a body scrub, a 20 minute helicopter ride over Sydney, a $300 dinner and EVEN MORE absolutely amazing stuff. WHAAAAAAAT!!!!! So freakin' awesome!

So I had two and a half weeks before we left to totally freak out and spend every moment thinking about the trip. x)
I found out we would also have some time for shopping while in Sydney so of course I checked out what type of places I could shop at. ;)
About a 5-10 minute walk from our hotel was some amazing shopping areas! Woot! And as you can imagine, I went crazy on nail polish. But not as crazy as I thought I would. I found a really cool nail supply store and bought some polish there, and also at some chemists and other places where I usually get polish at home, but being in a different city and larger malls/shops they did have a little different variety than what we have at home! :)
I think I bought about 16 polishes all together, including some base/top coats and some other goodies. :D I'll include my haul photos in with my other holiday photos below.
Photos all taken from my Instagram profile.

Day 1:

We arrived in Sydney on Sunday the 17th of June at about 2pm I believe. We were greeted by our driver at baggage claim, who was holding a sign with our names on it. Awesome!

Getting into the limo!

Took a walk about 5 minutes away from our hotel and got an awesome view of the Harbour Bridge!

My day 1 polish haul. We had only been in Sydney for about 4 hours and I already spent a crazy amount of money! :/
Top L-R: Ulta3 Magnetic polish 'Spellbound', Revlon ColorStay 'Bare Bones' and 'Midnight'. Regular Revlons 'Radiant' and 'Sparkling'. Bottom L-R: Ulta3 magnet, Essie 'Lady Like' (favourite polish of all time, I'll do a blog post on it soon), 'Van D Go' and 'Fiji', OPI 'Too Pink To Hold 'Em' and Butter London 'Wallis'!

Day 2:

We had some time to kill in the morning on Monday, so we did some more looking around and shopping. I found a really awesome nail supply store and of course, did some more damage there! We then had our beauty treatments including a facial, body scrub and massage which was really nice. And then, we had THE VOICE FINALE. The most amazing night I could imagine. You'll see why in my pictures.

My first Starbucks drink ever. We don't have Starbucks at home so this was pretty cool for me and my boyfriend! x) I didn't order coffee because 1) I don't like coffee in general. Iced coffee isn't too bad but I have to be in the mood for it to want to drink it. 2) I'm not really fond of milk either. It makes me feel sick. :( 3) I already wasn't feeling well for most of the time we were away. So I just had an iced tea. I can't remember the exact name now but it was nice!

Riding in a limo again on the way to Fox Studios for The Voice final! :D :D :D

WE GOT TO BE ON THE FRICKEN RED CARPET. OH MY GOODNESS. We had no idea this is what we'd get to do but it was sooooooooooo AMAZING. Oh my goodness. I was pressed up against a prickly bush for like the hour and a half to two hours that we were standing there, and ripped a hole in my stockings but it was totally worth it. Here you can see some of the eliminated Voice contestants, I can't remember which team these ones were from though. x)

I saw the amazing Miss Delta Goodrem coming down the red carpet and burst into tears. I was shaking and squealing like a little girl. I've never felt so starstruck and SOOOOO HAPPY ever.

And then the most amazing thing EVER happened. She saw me crying and came over and hugged me. OH. MY. GOD. I didn't think I'd even get to see her up close, let alone HUG HER. AHHHHHH!!! I waited 10 years for this but omg, SO worth the wait.

Me after she hugged me. LMAO. Bawling my eyes out.

Where we sat for the show. Awesome view! We were supposed to be standing near the front but after standing outside for probably close to an hour waiting to go in, and then another 2 hours on the red carpet, we were so over standing and didn't want to stand for another 3 hours so we managed to get seats.

In the ad breaks, the coaches walked around and talked to people, and D came close to where we were sitting so my bf & I ran down and got a proper photo with her! Please excuse the way I look here :/ After crying when she hugged me, I ruined my makeup and I was also running off about 4 hours sleep (for two nights in a row) so I have bad eye bags. :/ We look like smurfs but I was sooooooooooooo happy to finally have a photo with my role model. :')

The limo driver took a photo of us before we left to go back to the hotel. I have NO idea why our faces look so weird. He took about 7 photos and they all turned out this way.

A better photo outside the hotel next to the limo. <3

There was a freaking Vera Wang store (well I think it was a store... but I never saw anyone inside) in the hotel! :o

And here is my Day 2 polish haul.
L-R: CND Stickey base coat, OPI 'Super Bass Shatter', CND Solar Oil mini, China Glaze 'Dorothy Who', CND Effects 'Crimson Sparkle, and SECHE VITE TOP COAT. :D Finally got my hands on it! I've already tried it twice and I LOVE it.

Day 3:

On Tuesday we had to get up reasonably early because we had the helicopter flight over Sydney! It was really awesome and so beautiful. 
We then had the majority of the day to shop and look around. Did some more damage there of course. ;)

Before the flight. I was pretty nervous but it wasn't really scary at all. Which is weird because I get kinda freaked out on planes.

AMAZINGGGGGGGGGG view of the Harbour Bridge and Opera House! <3 Soooooo gorgeous.

Day 3 haul. Konad Special Polish in white, Konad Plate 'M63', SuperNail cuticle remover, China Glaze 'Ingrid', and another Seche Vite because I loved it so much that I had to go back and get another.

Day 4:
Last day in Sydney. :( We basically woke up, had breakfast and went to the airport. Ha! I saw a Victoria's Secret shop in the airport when we were leaving to go to the hotel on Sunday and wanted to look before we left, so we got there a little earlier than we needed to, so we'd have time to look around and we actually had too much time. The Victoria's Secret mostly only sold perfumes and lotions and I was interested in looking at their lounge clothes. :( So we had over an hour to kill at the airport. :/ We ended up looking in a couple shops and then got KRISPY KREMES and sat around talking the rest of the time!
The awesome view we got at breakfast. You can see the Harbour Bridge!

WOOT WOOT Krispy Kremes. ;)

Soooo that is my extremely long post about my amazing trip away in Sydney. Hope you enjoyed and weren't too annoyed by the extremely pic heavy post. ;)



Anonymous said...

What a wonderful, wonderful trip! I'm so happy that you got to meet your idol - you'll never forget that experience! x {laceandstars @ instagram}

exoddinary said...

Awww sounds so amazing! Beautiful story !

shan marsh said...

I found a wonderful and amazing info here. I like it very much. Thank you so much for adding good snaps. sydney limo

Naomi said...

Hi! Can you please tell me which stores you got the nailpolishes from? Specially the konad and the seche vite ones!!!

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