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If you have a question, suggestions, requests or any feedback on my blog you can leave me a comment, or use any of my social media networks to contact me (you can find these in the sidebar).
You can also email me:
lissaspolishaddiction @

This blog is PR Friendly! :) If you would like me to review a product for you, or sponsor a giveaway for my readers, please feel free to email me at lissaspolishaddiction @

I am more than happy to provide a media kit upon email request.

Note: After I have received a product to review, it may take me a week or two to have the review posted depending on a number of factors (including number of products, how many products I currently have waiting to be reviewed at that point in time, etc). I will post a 100% honest review for my readers. Regardless if my review is positive or negative, I will not pay for the items provided for review. You can read more about this in my Disclosure Policy. :)

I'm also on many social media networks! :)
Twitter: @lissaspolishadd
Instagram (mostly nails): @lissaspolishaddiction
Instagram (personal): @elissasinclair
YouTube: lissapolishaddiction
Facebook: lissapolishaddiction
Tumblr (personal): miss-elissa
Pinterest (bit of both - personal & nails): elissasinclair

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