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Sunday, September 30, 2012

"This is Halloween" Nail Art Challenge!

I am so excited for this! :D That's right, I'm participating in another challenge!

Bec @ Lacquer Dreams, an awesome fellow Aussie blogger, has started a Halloween nail challenge for October! :D (I may shorten it to '"TIH"NAC', like I did for the 31 Day Challenge (31DC) though "TIH"NAC kinda looks stupid. LOL. I'll come up with something).

In Aus, Halloween isn't really a 'holiday' or anything big. Some kids go Trick or Treating and dress up but not a lot. We do get some novelty stuff in stores around Halloween time though. My siblings like to go Trick or Treating but they don't really come back with a whole lot of stuff because it's not very big here so people aren't prepared with food to give out to the kids. :P It would be cool to experience Halloween in the US though!

Anyway, even though we don't celebrate it, it's a super fun opportunity for a challenge! :D
I loved the 31 Day Challenge because it got me thinking of mani ideas and got me in a routine of blogging every day! This challenge is only twice a week (except for in the last few days of the challenge) so it should be much less demanding. :)

I believe the challenge is open to anyone, in any country so feel free to join in with us! :) You can go HERE to read Bec's post about the challenge and HERE to see her other post, and you can comment there if you'd like to join us in the challenge and Bec can email you the Inlinkz code.

I think this is going to be really fun! Not sure if I'll be sick of Halloween manis by the end of the month though. :P

Saturday, September 29, 2012

31DC2012: Day 29 - Inspired by the Supernatural

Hello girlies. My sickness just keeps getting worse. :( But I don't want to fall behind too much in the challenge! Plus I'm so bored and I have to do SOMETHING. The last couple days for the 31 Day Challenge will be very simple manis unfortunately. :( It really sucks.

So today's theme is "Inspired by the Supernatural". What I chose isn't exactly supernatural... I think it fits more into "fantasy", but oh well. ;)
I chose a really simple Harry Potter inspired mani! And yes, yet again I used a tutorial. But I really did not have enough energy to come up with something of my own lol.

Here is the video tutorial I used, by missglamorazzi on YouTube:

For my base on my index and ring fingers, I used NYC - Lemon. For the base on my middle finger I used OPI - Swimsuit Nailed It and on my pinky I used OPI - Cuckoo For This Colour! For the base on my thumb I used Ulta3 - Black Satin. (I chose not to show my thumb, as I had to patch it today and I haven't buffed it out enough, and it looked horrible and bumpy in photos. On my thumb I had a gold sparkly lightning bolt.)
I also used Ulta3 - English Rose, Ulta3 - Antique Copper, Sally Hansen - Celeb City and BYS stripers in Black, Gold glitter and Silver glitter.

This was SO simple to do and only took 20 minutes max, which is pretty perfect for me right now because I can't concentrate for too long and I keep having coughing fits! :(

I'm hoping I'll be feeling a bit better tomorrow! The 31 Day Challenge is almost over! I'm sorry this post was probably all over the place. :(


Friday, September 28, 2012

Just a Little Note...

Hi girls!

Just wanted to let you know that the next few days (the LAST few days actually) of the 31 Day Challenge will be up a little later than usual. Probably at towards end of the day rather than the morning, like I usually do.

I've caught some stupid sickness and feel really crappy. Silly me has fallen a bit behind so I don't have my posts scheduled for the next few days. But they will be up ASAP! :)

I've also got another challenge I'll be doing in October which I'll show you soon! :)


31DC2012: Day 28 - Inspired by a Flag

Hey! Please excuse me if today's post is all over the place or is short. I have some crappy sickness and I feel horrible right now. :( I don't even feel like painting my nails! Can you believe it!?!?! :( But I am really excited to show you today's nails so I will soldier on!

Today's theme is 'Inspired by a Flag', so of course I did the Aussie flag! :D I actually used the small amount of creativity I have to come up with most of this mani on my own! ;) I used a tutorial for one nail.

My stars are less than perfect, LOL, but I looove the way my mani turned out! :)
For the blue on all my nails except my pointer, I used Ulta3 - Blue Marlin. I actually used all the same colours in today's mani as I used yesterday! Haha!
I also used Sally Hansen - Whirlwind White, Ulta3 - Lily White, Butter London - Pillar Box Red and China Glaze - Ring in the Red.

I used a tutorial by The Nailasaurus to do the Union Jack on my pointer. It was really easy and I am so pleased with how it turned out. :)

I am a proud Aussie! :D I'll definitely do this nail art again for Australia Day next year!


Thursday, September 27, 2012

31DC2012: Day 27 - Inspired by Artwork

I cheated a little with today's nails. ;) Hehe! I decided that nail art is technically artwork so I was inspired by yet another YouTube tutorial. :)

I watched this nautical nail art tutorial video by CutePolish on YouTube and decided this should be pretty quick and easy to recreate. I was wrong. :)

Video by Cutepolish on YouTube

On my thumb, pointer, middle and pinky I used Sally Hansen - Whirlwind White for the base, and Butter London - Pillar Box Red for the stripes. On my ring finger I used a base of Ulta3 - Blue Marlin and a white striper for the anchor.

I underestimated how hard it would be to do perfect, or even decent, stripes! From a distance they look alright, but up close, not so much. :P I'd like to get some striping tape so that I can do perfect stripes though!

I'm also trying out the Sally Hansen Insta Dri top coat again. I tried it a while back but I forgot how it works. Now I would NOT recommend this top coat for nail art. It totally smudged my lines! :( I ended up sort of "floating" the brush over my nail once I realised that it would smudge my nails. Floating the brush is where you load up the brush with top coat, and then brush it over the nail, without actually touching the nail. It's kinda hard to explain but hopefully you understand what I mean. :) Insta Dri is pretty fast drying, not as fast as Seche Vite (because really, nothing compares to it), but I will use it for my regular manis. :) I also would probably wait at least an hour before going to bed or something after using Insta Dri, whereas with Seche Vite I can go to sleep 20 minutes after using it and not ruin my nails at all.

Can't wait for the mani I have to show you tomorrow! :D


Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Guest Post at NailGunXS!

Hey girlies! :)

Today I did a guest post over at NailGunXS for Bec today! :) You can check it out HERE.
Hope you'll check it out and follow Bec while you're there! Her nails are totally gorgeous and she's super sweet!

Hope you like it and definitely head over and follow Bec! :)

31DC2012: Day 26 - Inspired by a Pattern

Hey there girlies! :)

Today my nails are again, inspired by a tutorial. I know, another look that was inspired by a tutorial. But lately I've only been getting inspired by nail tutorials (which is where I see most nail art on YouTube) so yeah. But hey, that means I can share the video I used and you can try it too. :D

Today's mani was inspired by MissJenFabulous again! Her nails are just awesome though so how can I not want to recreate all of her nail tutorials!? :) Jen's looks much better than mine though! I also didn't use tape like she did, I just freehanded the black section.

I think this one is Jen's most recent nail tutorial! Argyle print! When I saw the title, I was like "what on earth is argyle print?" :P But I've definitely seen it before. You might have seen it on socks or something, if you don't know what it is.

Polishes used:
  • China Glaze - Dance Baby
  • Sally Hansen - Celeb City
  • Ulta3 - Black Satin
  • BYS White striper
Hope you enjoyed this cool preppy mani! ;)


Tuesday, September 25, 2012

31DC2012: Day 25 - Inspired by Fashion

I had a hard time coming up with something for today's nails. I'm not really into fashion and don't keep up with the latest 'trends'.
But I remembered seeing this post by Jen @ Polish and Pearls and thought it'd be fun to try out. :) I've been seeing this Ikat print on a lot of girls' nails but to be honest I've never seen it on clothing, even though Jen said in her video tutorial that she's seen it everywhere!

This nail art is suuuuuper easy to create, but Jen's looks so much better than mine turned out!

For the base colour I used Sally Hansen - Pacific Blue (an AWESOME colour, get your hands on it if you can!), and I also used White and Black BYS stripers, and China Glaze - Flip Flop Fantasy.

Hope you like it!


Monday, September 24, 2012

31DC2012: Day 24 - Inspired by a Book

Every girl out there should know what these nails are inspired by. ;) And if you haven't, HAVE YOU BEEN LIVING UNDER A ROCK?! :P

I saw BrieBrie do Burn Book nails, so I did Burn Book nails. ;)

YES it's the Burn Book from Mean Girls! Fellow Aussie, Brie, did an amazing tutorial on Instagram and I knew I HAD to do it for "Inspired by a Book"! Perfect! :D Tons of my manis lately have been inspired by Brie! Her nails are gorgeous. :) If you aren't following her on Instagram already, get on it! :D
Beware, this post includes many photos with a super awkward hand pose in order to show my thumb in the photo. 

For my base colour I used Rimmel London - Hot Shot. My bottle is getting low (the bottles are quite small, and it's my go to hot pink polish) so it's kinda thick and getting bubbly. :( I also used Ulta3 - Lily White, Black Satin and Butter London - Pillar Box Red for the lips on my thumb (not sure if you can see that in my photos since it kinda blends in with the pink base). I also used Black and White BY stripers.

This was surprisingly easy to do but my impatient-ness caused me to smudge a couple nails with my top coat. :(

My sister was a meanie and said this mani looks crap. She's like my worst critic. She said the colour didn't accurately match the Burn Book and that it was a shade lighter. Oh jeez. Hahah. By the way, she's 12. LOL!


Sunday, September 23, 2012

Polyvore Collage Day: Autumn

Hey girlies! Today I read on Lacquer Buzz about the "Polyvore Collage Day" started by The Treasure Chest! :) You can read her main post about it here. I thought I'd join because it sounds like fun!

The first theme for this is 'Autumn'. It's not Autumn here right now, it's Spring but I love Autumn polishes so who cares. :D Like I've said before, I'm feeling very confused about the seasons right now because of all the Autumn colours I'm seeing coming out in new collections and on my friends' nails! :P I feel like wearing vampy dark colours! But hey it's still pretty cold here. ;)

I don't own all of these shades but they're all very trendy for Autumn, or they're just colours I love for the season! :)


Top L-R:

  • OPI - Berlin There Done That from the Fall 2012 collection. This polish is a nude-taupe-ish shade. I only want a few from the Germany collection & this is one of them! It's along the lines of OPI - You Don't Know Jacques (another great Autumn colour!) but it's lighter.
  • Revlon ColorStay - Midnight. I loooove this polish. I just took it off my nails earlier today actually. It's an awesome dark teal colour. It's basically opaque in one coat and the formula is so nice. I really like the Revlon ColorStay polishes.
  • China Glaze - Purrfect Plum. I am looooving dark, vampy plum/berry colours right now. <3 Sooo gorgeous for Autumn. This is from the Fall 2012 Safari collection.
  • Butter London - Pillar Box Red. Any red creme polish is a must have for Autumn! I got this Butter London polish free with InStyle magazine a couple weeks ago! :D The prices of everything are inflated crazily here but sometimes we get cool deals. :) This red is probably a bit too bright for Autumn but any red is pretty and classic.
  • OPI - Every Month is Oktoberfest, from the Germany collection. You need to Google swatches of this polish. This is my #1 must have from the Germany collection. Well, number one on my wish list. I don't have it yet. :( But I WILL. It is freaking gorgeous. Really vampy and duochrome-ish.
  • China Glaze - Exotic Encounters, from the Safari collection. Such a lovely muted green shade. Very nice for Autumn!
  • Butter London - Wallis. I believe this one came out this time last year. I bought it about 3 months ago (yep... I paid RRP... Don't ask how much that was :P) and haven't worn it. :O How crazy am I!? Haha. I must wear it soon before the weather gets warm. I'd feel weird wearing this one in Summer. But it is soooo nice. Sort of an "ugly/pretty" colour. ;)
  • OPI - Russian Navy. Super classic OPI colour from the permanent line. I have a mini bottle of this one and I'm halfway through it! Need to get a full size. :( It's so lovely. A deep navy with blue and purple shimmer.
  • Essie - Lady Like from the Fall 2011 collection. This is one of my ALL TIME fave polishes! :D I had a mini and I bought a full size a few months ago because I love it! :) It's a very pretty mauvey-pink colour that can almost look like a nude in low lighting.
  • Essie - Mesmerized. Bright royal/cobalt blue! :) Blues like this are super popular and trendy right now! I don't own this particular one but I've seen it on other girls and it looks gorgeous.
So those are my Autumn polish picks! :) Hope you enjoyed. I will hopefully be continuing these Polyvore Collage Day posts. :)


31DC2012: Day 23 - Inspired by a Movie

I could think of a bunch of ideas for "Inspired by a Movie"! I will probably make a list of them and maybe do a series or something! :) Let me know if you'd like to see something like that!

I decided to do a mani I've wanted to try for a while now! Actually maybe 5 months! Wow haha. Its not exactly inspired by a movie, but inspired by someone's nails in a movie! Have you guessed yet? :)

Effie Trinket inspired nails from The Hunger Games! Super easy to do and really pretty! I'm loving gradients right now!

I'm gonna be honest. I'm not like 99% of the population; I haven't read any of The Hunger Games books. Even my boyfriend started it (and never finished it)! Haha! But I have seen the movie. And I have to be honest again, and say that it wasn't as good as I expected it would be. Everyone hyped it up so much and it just didn't live up to it! Maybe because I didn't read the book but I don't know...

Anyway Effie Trinket in the movie had some crazy awesome nails and I wanted to try this design for myself!

I used Revlon ColorStay - Rich Raspberry, a gorgeous berry colour, as the name would suggest, for the base. I think in The Hunger Games the base is a darker berry colour but this was the closest colour I had!
I then sponged on MaxFactor - Ivory. I got this polish for only $0.50 when MF was on sale at Big W a few months ago! :D I wouldn't wear a colour like this as a full mani because I'm not into metallics or anything but it looks good for this look! :)
I then used a thin coat of a sparse small gold glitter polish called Disco Diva by NYC, over the whole nail. I think you can also find NYC at Big W and some supermarkets. I'm pretty sure NYC is made by the same people who make Ulta3 because the bottles are the same.

I really like this look a lot! It's gorgeous!
Let me know if you'd be interested in me doing a movie inspired series on my blog in the near future! :)


Saturday, September 22, 2012

31DC2012: Day 22 - Inspired by a Song

Today's mani is inspired by a song, by my favourite singer of ALL time. <3 Delta Goodrem was my biggest role model when I was little. She still is an amazing role model. If you're not from Australia you probably don't know who she is. Well you may know her as the woman who dated Nick Jonas last year. This November I will have been a huge Delta fan for TEN years. How crazy! :O If you don't know who she is, you should really Google search her. She's amazing. :) I was sooooooo lucky this year and I got to meet her... TWICE! It was surreal to see her in person. I bawled my eyes out when I saw her. LOL.

So this mani is inspired by one of my favourite songs by her; Butterfly. :) She opened her Visualise Tour in 2005 with this song!
So obviously, since the song is called Butterfly, I did butterfly nail art! This nail art is also inspired by Brie (strawbrie on Instagram) who did a GORGEOUS butterfly mani recently!

I first did a sponged gradient with Essie - Van d Go and a coral franken that I made and showed you here. This franken is pretty similar to Sally Hansen - Coral Reef if you like the colour! I then used acrylic paints and a striping brush for the rest of the nail art! :)

Hope you like it! And hope you'll check out Delta's music!


Friday, September 21, 2012

31DC2012: Day 21 - Inspired by a Colour

So I had no idea what I should do on my nails for "Inspired by a Colour". :/ I did come up with a couple ideas but to be honest I'm getting sick of doing designs every day and felt like a regular colour on my nails! I like doing nail art, but I don't particularly like to wear it on my nails as a manicure so I haven't really been wearing polish a whole lot lately!

I swear I'm getting confused about the seasons right now. Because I'm seeing a bunch of girls upload YouTube videos about their Fall/Autumn Nail Polish Picks and bloggers showing Fall/Autumn collections so I'm really feeling like wearing muted and dark colours! Also the weather has been a bit weird here. One day it's really nice and warm and sunny, and the next it's cold and rainy. I'm looking forward to wearing brights, pastels and neons when the weather gets warmer though! :)

Anyway I bought this colour this week because of the fall colours I've been seeing and this one looked really nice!
This is Ulta3 - Mulberry! And it's the Made in Australia formulation (vs the PRC version) which I was excited to see because the PRC bottles seem to have really crappy brushes but this one wasn't bad. Not fabulous, but not bad.
In dim lighting Mulberry is a dark berry, wine, burgundy sort of colour. In bright lighting or daylight, it's still a dark berry-ish shade but not so dark. :) The formula was SUPER nice, almost opaque in one coat but the formula was kinda "crelly-ish" (creme/jelly) because it went on so smoothly and was SO shiny!
I was afraid it would stain my cuticles when I did cleanup but it didn't at all! :) I did have a bit of pulling with my Seche Vite but that's the top coat's fault, not the Ulta3. :P

I am super impressed with this Ulta3 shade! So pretty and AWESOME formula! Ulta3 usually has an alright formula. Obviously harder to work with than high end brands but fine for the small price tag ($2, occasionally $2.50 I think).

Sorry that this wasn't a nail art post! Tomorrow's post will be. :)


Thursday, September 20, 2012

31DC2012: Day 20 - Water Marble

Dear whoever came up with this challenge,
I hate you.
LOL. No but I wish this one wasn't a part of the challenge.
This has to be the hardest nails I've ever done and the most ANNOYING. It took me about 4 tries to get this to work. And I don't even like the result too much. :(
I actually did this like 5 days ahead of time because I knew it was going to be seriously difficult; I didn't want to find myself struggling to do this and not be able to get a post up in time! Well I actually do most of my manis at least one day before I post them. ;) Shh don't tell anyone.

I have to apologise in advance for the appearance of my cuticles and skin around my nails.. Looking at the pictures right now I'm contemplating not uploading them but please please try to look at the nails and not at the surrounding skin. I know it's really disappointing to see polish on the skin on blogs but please forgive that! I think I'll just upload one photo to spare you. I didn't notice that you could still see the polish around my skin in the photos; I thought I got it all! :(

Water marbling is so annoying, messy and just ARGHHH. I'm so jealous of girls who can do it well with minimal mess and beautiful designs. I don't have enough patience to keep trying with this so I just gave up and left it as it was. I'd been trying for maybe 4 hours before it worked. As you can see, my middle finger looks... not so nice. But I redid that nail like 3 times and I was so over it! :(

I had a lot of trouble getting my polish to spread. I ended up just letting it not spread. LOL. So the rings didn't spread very much but I just worked with it.
I can't give you any good tips because I did not have much luck with this.

Polishes used were:
Base of Ulta3 - Lilac Bloom, then I did the design with Ulta3 - Lilac Bloom, Zoya - Dannii and Color Club - Wild at Heart.

I really don't think I'll be trying this again any time soon. Way too messy and annoying. I ended up with polish under the free edge of all my nails and it was impossible to remove. :( I can't stand having leftover polish around my nails once I've removed my mani.

I'd like to thank all of my 60 followers! :D It means so much to me that even 5 or 10 girls would want to read my blog! 60 is awesome! Thank you so much for all your sweet comments too, sorry that I don't always get back to them!
My blog has also had almost 10,000 hits! That is insane!!!! :) So cool! :D Thank you to each and every one of my awesome readers! :)


Wednesday, September 19, 2012

31DC2012: Day 19 - Galaxy

I loooove galaxy nail art! It's so cool! :) And pretty easy to do! I've done galaxy nail art a while back but long before I made my blog. I used a tutorial by MissJenFabulous on YouTube for this the first time I did it and used the same technique the second time. It turned out much better the first time I did it, unfortunately! This time it doesn't look as galaxy-ish.

As my base I used one coat of Ulta3 - Black Satin. I sponged on OPI - Swimsuit... Nailed It, China Glaze - Dance Baby, and China Glaze - Kinetic Candy. I then topped the mani with Lorins - 734A (I believe that's the name..) and Revlon - Belle (I believe it's been renamed to Stunning...? - it's a dupe for China Glaze - Techno).

Super easy way to create pretty nail art! :)


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

31DC2012: Day 18 - Half Moon

Hello there! :) How are you today? I'm happy because my boyfriend has a week off work so I will actually have someone to hang out with this week! Haha! Less time to do my nails but that's okay :)

Today I have a half moon mani to show you. Well it isn't a traditional half moon mani but I think it still counts. ;)
I did more of a "half moon reversed chevron mani". LOL. I've seen this look on some blogs and Instagram and really wanted to try it! Most girls use tape to do the triangle at the cuticle area but I honestly couldn't be bothered waiting for my base to dry, so I freehanded it! Up close it's far from perfect but from afar, it looks alright! :) I didn't even notice until I started editing my photos that I smudged the orange polish on my pinky nail! :( It's really not noticable AT ALL in real life! I just looked at my nails up close to try and see the smudge and I honestly can barely see it. I guess the bright lighting I use for my photos just enhances it.

For the pink base I used China Glaze - Dance Baby from the Spring 2012 collection, and for the half moon chevron I used Essie - Fear or Desire from the Summer 2012 collection. I don't think I'll ever wear this orange shade as a full mani but I've used it for nail art a few times now and I really like it! I'm sure this colour would look great on other girls but I'm just not fond of orange on my skin tone. I don't think I can pull it off. :P

As you may have noticed, I shortened my nails even more. I'm not really sure why. I've just been looking at gorgeous short nails and once I start filing, I can't stop. LOL. I shortened them a little more today so they're a little shorter than yesterday's post. I don't think I'll be going any shorter than this though. I only have about 2mm of free edge on each nail right now so I really can't physically go much shorter without it being super painful. To be honest I don't hate them this short. I didn't like the length of my nails in my previous posts but I don't mind them this length. I'd be lying if I said I didn't miss my long nails though.


Monday, September 17, 2012

31DC2012: Day 17 - Glitter

I own a LOT of glitter polish. Well at least I feel like I do. I love love LOVE glitter! I've got a gazillion glitters on my wish list also! So I had a tough time choosing a glitter to use for today's mani!

But I chose to go with a new one that I had yet to try and was excited for! :)
I did an opaque jelly sandwich which I've seen on Instagram. :) I started with a base of Ulta3 - Lily White, and then two coats of Spoiled - Trust Fund Baby which is blue, gold, and black hex glitters with square magenta glitters! The formula was pretty thick but not too hard to work with! I wasn't a HUGE fan of the brush which was very wide but it also wasn't a huge issue. I did two coats of Trust Fund Baby. Trust Fund Baby is another awesome polish I received in a swap from Natalie! :) (I've almost worn every one she gave me! After only just over a week of receiving her package!) Then I topped it all off with OPI - Don't Touch My Tutu, a sheer white jelly! Super pretty.

I feel like my camera couldn't focus on my mani so well because the glitter was sandwiched. Looks kinda blurry to me in my photos.
My boyfriend said it looked like ice cream with sprinkles! Haha!

Oh by the way, I'm not sure if you noticed but I've pretty much given up on the Girly Girl nail art challenge. LOL. It was too hard to keep up with two challenges at once! :P I had some ideas for some of the themes though so I'll just save them for a later time for some fun manis!


Sunday, September 16, 2012

31DC2012: Day 16 - Tribal Print

For tribal print, I was a bit worried. I've never been a huge fan of the tribal print trend. But hey I had to give it a go for the challenge! :)

I was inspired by this video on youtube! I only watched about 30 seconds into the video and used the pictures for my inspiration. I thought this looked like the easiest version of tribal print and looked really cool too! 

I used the classic China Glaze - For Audrey for the base. I then freehanded two thick horizontal stripes across my nail with Ulta3 - Lily White and a random polish I bought from Cotton On (in the Body section), very appropriately named 'Taupe'. ;)

This polish from Cotton On Body is actually a pretty good formula for being made by a clothing store! I have a few others from Cotton On and I only had a problem with one of them being a not-so-nice formula! I think I paid $5 for that polish. They do tend to change up which polishes they sell in store pretty often though so I don't know if you'll still be able to find it.
I also used BYS nail art stripers in Black and White for the small details. :) 

This nail art was extremely easy to create! I really like the look! I'd never wear this print on my clothing but for my nails I think it looks pretty awesome.
Come back tomorrow to see my GLITTER mani! :D


Saturday, September 15, 2012

31DC2012: Day 15 - Delicate

Helloo again. :) Today's nails are delicate themed! Technically it was delicate print, but I couldn't really come up with a print! So I just decided to go with delicate in general.

I had a hard time coming up with a design but I asked for some help with ideas from my nail girlies and the lovely Brie (strawbrie on Instagram) suggested snowflakes! Thanks Brie!

For the base I used Essie - Bikini So Teeny and topped it with China Glaze - Snow Globe. For the snowflakes I used a white striper by BYS, and for the dots I used Ulta3 - Lily White (an awesome white, by the way! Very opaque and apparently great for stamping, though I haven't tried it yet).

These snowflake nails are kinda perfect for today because it's kinda cold outside and it's been raining. :( The weather is so mean! It's really warm and sunny one day, and then raining for a freaking week! Can't wait for summer.


Friday, September 14, 2012

31DC2012: Day 14 - Flowers

In this post you get to see my sad, short, baby nails. :( I was happy when I first filed them down because I was over having super long nails but now once I've done a mani on them; not so much. Ugh! Just can't win. ;)

Anywho. I'll just get right to it. Today's theme is flowers. I had a hard time coming up with a flower design. I couldn't think of anything so I just ended up doing some stamping instead.
I'm not gonna lie, you may have already seen this stamping design on my blog. I can't remember if I've shown it or not but I've definitely used it a gazillion times because I don't own many plates. :(

This design was done with a Fauxnad plate M65, I think I bought it from Born Pretty Store almost a year ago. I used Konad Special Polish in white.

The base is Sally Hansen - Coral Fever! This was also given to me by the lovely Natalie from Instagram. :) I loooove this coral! :) It's not a totally orange-y which I love because I am not a fan of orange polish on me. :P Thank you again Natalie!

Please excuse the boo-boos in this mani; I nicked it a couple times and I'm trying a new top coat which I guess isn't as good as I'd hoped... :(

So I hope my baby nails aren't too ugly for you to look at. LOL. Actually, my pictures make them look a bit longer than they actually are. I don't want to call them 'nubbins' because they technically aren't. I do have a bit of free edge. But I miss my long nails. Boo hoo.



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