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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

NOTD: Purple Leopard Print Manicure!

I decided to skip days 8 (your favourite nails) and 9 (geometric) of the Winter Challenge and do leopard print nails! I'd seen an AWESOME leopard print tutorial by Sarah at Chalkboard Nails and decided to recreate it! :)

It's super easy and Sarah even included a video tutorial! All you need is three colours of polish, a dotting tool and a fast dry top coat! Well the top coat isn't completely necessary I guess but it makes life easier. ;)

The three colours I chose to use were Revlon Top Speed - Lily for the base, OPI - Do You Lilac It for the dots, and Essence - Break Through for the darker part of the spots. :) So my overall look is purple.

I'm slowly getting more and more into nail art! I just feel like sometimes it can look a little tacky. I guess it just depends on the design. I prefer more subtle nail art so this is quite crazy for me to have on my nails but I think it's cute and in my opinion, looks like it was really hard to do but it's actually super easy and doesn't take as long as it might look like it does!

Click 'Read more' for more photos & other info! :)
I'm incredibly sorry about the state of my cuticles. I forgot to moisturise before I took photos. I then went to take photos later on after I realised that my cuticles looked yuck but it was dark by then and my photos didn't turn out good. :( I tried to cover it up as best I could so you don't have to see it. Hope it doesn't look too gross for you. :(

On my ring and pinky fingers I used Essie's Good to Go top coat for the first time. I feel like it dragged my design a bit so I switched to my favourite, Seche Vite for my middle and index finger. Seche was NOT good for this mani. It made my nails SUPER thick and it looks kinda gross. You can't really tell in the photos but it just didn't look nice. It was my first time trying Good to Go, I bought it at Myer while they had 30% off Essie. The formula is thinner than Seche Vite which I think is good but sometimes I like a thicker top coat. I don't think it dries as fast as Seche but it's still very nice and does dry reasonably fast. I don't think it's exactly made for drying ALL your layers of polish though, which Seche does. I'd wait until your polish is dry or almost dry to put the Good to Go top coat on. I can't buy Seche anywhere around me (I bought the two bottles I have now, when I was in Sydney) but I can get Good to Go. I think it's around $25 a bottle though. I don't know if I'll be repurchasing it when I'm done with it.

So do you like nail art or do you prefer to wear plain or simple manicures? :)



citygirl907 said...

Well done Elissa this looks absolutely perfect!!! It's the best leopard manicure I have ever seen and I especially love the colours you chose.
Personally I prefer simple manicures but I think nail art looks great on other people =)

Kelz86 said...

This looks awesome! I really like it. I love your nails too!

Elissa said...

Thank you so much! :) That's so sweet! Thank you for reading! :)

Elissa said...

Aw thankyou so much!!! :) Thanks so much for all the sweet comments you leave me :)

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