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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Winter Challenge Day 6 (and 7!)

So I had planned on doing manicures for day 4 (black) and 5 (grey) but didn't have time over the weekend for doing my nails. :( I had plans for both days too which sucks. But hey, I can still do those manis some other time. :) So look out for those sometime soon, possibly!

Day 6's theme is "pink". I'm not sure how pink fits into winter but hey, pink is pretty all the time so I'm not complaining! :)
I chose to use a pink polish from my (embarrassingly large) stash of untried polishes. This one I won in an Instagram giveaway from Aveyou; I won the Essie Bikini So Teeny - Summer 2012 collection mini set from them! :) I was so excited to win a polish set from them, I've never won any giveaways before. Though it was extremely easy to enter. All I had to do was be in the first 200 or so to screenshot something. I was really excited to receive these polishes in the mail last week; I'd expected it to take a lot longer to arrive than it did! But sadly, Ayeyou isn't doing international giveaways anymore. I guess they'd had many more international winners than they anticipated. So all their giveaways are US only now, but that's great for you if you live there so follow them on Instagram to see when they have their next giveaway! They give away polish sets pretty frequently.
ANYWAY! Sorry for my blabbering about that!

Click 'read more' for more pictures and info! :)
and you can see the (super simple and easy) nail art I did after wearing this for a day!

This is Off the Shoulder. In the bottle it looks much less bright than it comes out on the nail! It's almost neon! But that makes sense since it's from the Summer collection! :P
Anyways, it's basically a medium toned super bright pink! :) I really love it. A basic colour but pretty! I'll definitely be busting this colour out again in Summer!

I did my nails on Sunday night with Essie - Off the Shoulder and then on Monday afternoon I tried out a double lightning bolt tape manicure I'd seen on Nailside's blog! She has AWESOME nail tutorials, particularly tape manis! I've NEVER been able to do a successful tape mani so this was extremely exciting for me! :) I finally accomplished one! And I think the design looked so awesome!

AND with this design, my mani also applies for Day 7 of the Winter Challenge because it contains grey. ;) (Well silver, but meh, that's practically the same thing, right?) The silver (grey ;)) polish used in this mani is Sally Hansen's 'Celeb City', and the black is NYC's 'Night'. This mani was seriously easy to create, so definitely check out Nailside's tutorial(s)!



citygirl907 said...

Hi Elissa.
Thanks for keeping up with the challenge. I know it's difficult. Love the lightning bolt!!! I am very impressed, I am super bad at nail art stuff.

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