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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Introducing: Shades Of Phoenix! The Olympus Collection Swatches And Review

Hey guys!
I have something *really* exciting to show you today! Actually this might be the most exciting post I've ever done! Haha.

Today I'm going to be showing you a brand new Aussie indie brand - Shades Of Phoenix, launching THIS SATURDAY, the 19th of January at 12noon ESDT!

Shades Of Phoenix was created by Teneil, who is one of the most awesome, sweet girls I've met since I started blogging! :) I'm so proud of her! She's put in so much hard work, overcome some obstacles and made some really gorgeous creations!!

Shades Of Phoenix is based off of Greek Mythology and every polish you see from them will be based off of Greek myths in some way! :)

I'm so so so unbelievably excited and honored to be able to show you these polishes today! I have 10 polishes to show you from the Shades Of Phoenix "Olympus Collection"!


Aphrodite is a deep pink-ish red jelly base with silver holographic squares, and microglitter in black, silver and hot pink.
Aphrodite is unexpectedly sparkly and really interesting! So pretty!
Swatches show 2 coats of Aphrodite with 1 coat of Seche Vite top coat.

Aphrodite - Shade
Aphrodite - Sunlight


Apollo is a shimmery golden yellow base with red, orange and yellow microglitters and slightly larger yellow hex glitters.
I don't usually go for yellows but this is quite nice!
Swatches show 2 coats of Apollo with 1 coat of Seche Vite top coat.

Apollo - Shade
Apollo - Sunlight


Chaos is a mixture of pink, orange, red. white and black glitters in a clear base.
My camera unfortunately couldn't do this one justice! It's so pretty and looks great against the pink base colour I used.
Swatches show 1 coat of Chaos over 2 coats of Ulta3 Party Shoes, with 1 coat of Seche Vite top coat.

Chaos - Shade
Chaos - Sunlight

Gaia (The Earth) is a mixture of blue, green, gold, orange, pink and silver glitter in a clear base.
This was another unexpected favourite! It looks great over this aqua colour but I think this would work over anything!
Swatches show 1 coat of Gaia (The Earth) over 3 coats of Australis Aqua with 1 coat of Seche Vite top coat.

Gaia - Shade
Gaia - Sunlight

Hades is a very dark navy base with silvery blue microglitter, the teeniest black bars, holographic squares, black diamonds and blue hex glitters.
Hades is not something I usually go for, but I love it! It's so pretty!
Swatches show 2 coats of Hades (but I would use a third next time) with 1 coat of Seche Vite top coat.

Hades - Shade
Hades - Sunlight

Love From The Gods

Love From The Gods is a clear base with loads of pink, red, magenta and silver glitters in different shapes and sizes. Love From The Gods is limited edition for Valentine's Day!
This polish totally screams Valentine's Day to me! It's beautiful and I can definitely see myself wearing it again very soon!
Swatches show 1 coat of Love From The Gods over 2 coats of OPI Pink Friday, with 1 coat of Seche Vite top coat.

Love From The Gods - Shade
Love From The Gods - Sunlight


Phoenix is a clear base with a mixture of silver microglitter plus pink, blue, green, orange and purple glitters.
I think Phoenix has to be my favourite out of the clear based polishes in this collection! I love the unique mix of glitters and I think this lilac colour is a PERFECT base for it! This polish is another that would work over any colour, though!
Swatches show 1 coat of Phoenix over 2 coats of Ulta3 Lilac Bloom with 1 coat of Seche Vite top coat.

Phoenix - Shade
Phoenix - Sunlight


Poseidon is a gorgeous deep emerald green jelly base, with a lot of teal and green hex glitters of different sizes, as well as some small silver bars.
This is absolutely beautiful! I fell in love with it right away! So sparkly!
Swatches show 2 easy coats of Poseidon with 1 coat of Seche Vite top coat.

Poseidon - Shade
Poseidon - Sunlight


Tartarus is a clear base with lots of black and silver microglitter, pink hex glitters, aqua circle glitters and pink squares!
I had a hard time picking what colour to layer Tartarus over but I'm glad I chose this one! I love the way the glitters pop over the blue base.
Swatches show 1 coat of Tartarus over 2 coats of Ulta3 Soft Hydrangea, with 1 coat of Seche Vite top coat.

Tartatus - Shade
Tartarus - Sunlight


Zeus is a clear base with a mixture of lavender, iridescent, silver holographic and white glitters in different sizes.
As soon as I saw Teneil's photos of Zeus, I immediately knew I would love it, and I do! I'm a sucker for lavender/lilac colours and this is perfect.
Swatches show 1 coat of Zeus over 2 coats of Revlon Colorstay Provence, with 1 coat of Seche Vite top coat.

Zeus - Shade
Zeus - Sunlight

I am in love with Shades Of Phoenix! :) These are some of the most unique glitters I have ever tried! I don't have anything in my collection that is like them!
I was incredibly impressed with the formula too, for being the first Shades Of Phoenix collection! I had to do no fishing for glitters and all of the glitters laid flat on the nail and went on smoothly.

I love that this brand is so unique and different from other indie brands, especially with the theme of the collections and such!

Shades Of Phoenix polishes are 3 Free, come in 12mL bottles, and can be purchased on Etsy for $9 each. Don't miss the launch! Saturday, 19th January 12noon ESDT.
At the moment, Shades Of Phoenix are only shipping within Australia.
Also, check out the Facebook page and Teneil's blog and her Instagram to stay updated! :)
*Please note that Shades Of Phoenix polishes are not available in mini size bottles. The mini bottles were just for review purposes.*

Here's an additional swatch video where you can see all of the gorgeous polishes in action! They're so beautiful and sparkly in the sunlight.

*Product(s) in this post were provided to me for review but this does not influence my opinion in any way. My reviews are 100% my honest opinion. For more information please see my Disclosure Policy.


Anonymous said...

Lovely! I especially like Aphrodite, Hades and Poseidon :D

Stania Antoine said...

Wow these are all gorgeous! My favorite has to be Hades

Kierra Thorn said...

I just bought Hades and Zeus. She has done a great job on her first collection :)

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