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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Mission Untrieds #1: Savvy - Azure Martini With Polka Dots!

Hi guys! :) I hope you're having a nice weekend so far!
I've decided to start showing you all of my untried polishes! I'll be posting at least once a week (I didn't want to set a strict schedule because I probably wouldn't be able to stick to it :P) showing you a polish (or more than one!) from my "untrieds basket" that I keep on my desk with all of my nail polishes that I haven't tried yet. The basket is literally overflowing and can't really fit any more polishes in it so, here is my "mission" to use all of my untrieds! :)

Mission Untrieds #1: Savvy by DB - Azure Martini

After Christmas I went to Priceline and this polish from Savvy by DB caught my eye! I always look in the little Savvy by DB polish bins in Priceline almost every time I go but I never grab any! I don't know why, they're a bargain - only $2.99 each! This polish was calling my name so I grabbed it.

This is Savvy by DB's Azure Martini which is a pastel but bright blue at the same time.
I added some white polka dots with Ulta3 Lily White using a small-ish dotting tool. :)

 I absolutely love this! I have a feeling I'll be doing a lot of polka dot nails soon haha! :)

Hope you'll enjoy seeing me use my untried nail polishes!


Sarah said...

Very cute mani!! I love the color!

Danielle at Totally Nailed said...

This looks stunning on you! I may have to steal your idea and get posting some untrieds! (I'll credit you of course :D if you don't mind)Love the polka dots too, they look so neat!

ritterbraten said...

Very pretty! I love the dotting! :)

Amanda said...

I love this too :)
Please check out my blog and enter my competition.

Amanda xo

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