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Thursday, August 23, 2012

A Franken By Lissa: "Elizabeth Purr"

Hello there! I have another franken to show you today! You can see my first franken here. :)

This was actually my first franken, but I never swatched it until yesterday! I decided to name it "Elizabeth Purr", some of you might recognise the name right away but a lot of you probably won't, so just keep on reading to find out what the name means! :)
This was inspired by some indies I've seen. I can't remember the names of any of them now though. :/
It started off as a super white base (Ulta3 Lily White) with a ton of multicolour glitter (including Revlon - Sparkling, Radiant, OPI - Rainbow Connection, Divine Swine, BYS - Million Dollar Baby and some random iridescent glitter). But when I swatched it I wasn't a fan because the base was way too pigmented and covered a lot of the glitter. It also looked really chalky and too "stark" white. I'm not a fan of stark white nails on myself. Plus, the glitters aren't that chunky so when I saw my nails from further away, they just looked like white nails.
So I decided to mess around with the polish a bit. I dumped out a bit of the polish to make room for more and added probably a quarter of a bottle of clear polish (Sally Hansen's Mega Shine... Probably shouldn't have used that because it's quite fast drying and that's not always a good thing!), and maybe a fifth of the bottle of BYS - Marry a Millionaire for some more large glitters! I also added maybe 4 drops of China Glaze - Dance Baby and about 6 drops of Sally Hansen - Commander in Chic to make the polish more of an off white.
Artificial Light
I wish the polish came out on the nail as chunky as it looks in the bottle! All the glitters seem to have just stuck on the sides of the bottle. :(

So the polish turned much more "jelly like" after adding the clear polish which is much better for glitter polishes anyway because otherwise you can't see the glitter through the base! I wish I had some chunkier glitters to add into this! I think it'd look a lot better if the glitter was chunkier.
Artificial Light
Artificial Light
I'm happy with how this polish turned out! I like that it's subtle and from far away you can't tell there's glitter but up close you see it. :)
It still looks white on my nails but not like I just painted white-out on them! (Lol! I used to do that in primary school!) It looks like more of a SUPER light, almost-white-lilac-taupey colour.

So, I was trying to think of a name for this polish. Some people on Instagram said that they thought it looks like a jawbreaker! I agree, but I didn't want to name it 'Jawbreaker' because there's an indie polish by Pretty & Polished with that name.
I've never actually eaten a Jawbreaker before, but I always think of the movie 'Jawbreaker' when someone mentions it! I watched Jawbreaker with a friend when I was probably around 14.. I don't even know how my friend convinced me to watch it LOL. I get freaked out EASILY by movies if they have anything to do with death/murder. And if you've seen the movie, you'll know the whole movie revolves around a murder. I barely remember the movie to be honest. I probably wouldn't recommend you watch this movie if you're underage (the movie's rated M15 in Australia, and I believe R in America) because there's a fair bit of swearing & mature themes. ANYWAY long story short, I decided to name this polish 'Elizabeth Purr'. If you haven't seen Jawbreaker you'll probably have no idea what that means, so if you really want to know, go read the IMDB page, or watch the movie. It's over 10 years old so you might be able to watch it online.

I have two more frankens I've never showed you so I might show those to you sometime soon! :) I don't like them as much as the ones I've showed you so far but some people might like them?

I'm not loving my nails at the moment. I feel like the length is kinda awkward. I was thinking of trimming them but I think I might see if I can grow them some more. :) I've just had a few corners chip lately and it makes some of my nails look funny. I usually like to photograph my right hand but those nails are looking a little weird right now so I've been photographing my left hand which I feel like is what most people do because the polish looks neater on their non-dominant hand but not me LOL.

Hope you enjoyed my first franken that has a name! :) I quite like it!



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