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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

MaxFactor Fantasy Fire: A Bottle of Amazing-ness

Hi girls! I have something very exciting to share with you today! :D
Again I have to apologise for not posting for a week. :( I don't wanna throw around excuses but I've only done one or two successful manis this week. So sorry. <3

Artificial Light
Probably nearly two weeks ago, I heard that MaxFactor Fantasy Fire had been spotted in Terri White Chemists here in Australia. And I could've squealed with joy when I read that! I checked my local Terri White a couple of days after but didn't find it. The next day on Instagram, Angela posted that she found Fantasy Fire in Target! I literally jumped out of my chair and basically ran (ok more like power walked) through rain and FREEZING cold weather to go and buy this beautiful bottle of amazingness. I'm not kidding. Within 5 minutes of reading it, I was out the door and halfway to Target! So happy I live a 5 minute walk away from Target! ;)
I saw the MaxFactor display before I even walked into Target and was crossing my fingers that it would be there!
AND IT WAS. I swear I almost started jumping up and down in the store. I probably would've if I had a friend with me. LOL. On my own I would've looked like a lunatic. The display was full and there were even extra bottles of FF on the shelves next to the display! I wish I'd brought more money with me but I only brought enough for one bottle! (They're $5.95AU for a very tiny bottle. - I don't see the exact amount printed on the bottle but I'm guessing about 5ML). Would NOT pay that much for any of the other standard colours in their collection).
From Target I had to go and pick my siblings up from school and walked totally the wrong way because I was so excited! LOL!
So of course I went straight home after that and put this baby on my nails!

For those of you who don't know (but I'm pretty sure 99% of people reading this will!), MaxFactor - Fantasy Fire is a dupe of Clarins - 230, probably one off the most coveted nail polishes ever. I don't know a lot about it but I do know that people have paid CRAZY amounts for that polish on eBay!!

Fantasy Fire is a GORGEOUS, super sheer purple based duochrome shimmer. You mostly see red and green flecks on the nail. It's so hard to describe. In the bottle it's a bit prettier than on the nails but oh my gosh. It's AMAZING. If you can, you need to see this in person. And then clear out the display. ;)
I believe it'd look slightly different layered over certain colours but it looks best layered over purple or blues.
Almost all the swatches/manicures I've seen have been layered over Revlon - Royal so I did this too! Revlon's Royal is a jelly royal (hence the name) blue and Fantasy Fire just looks AMAZING over it!

Artificial Light
Click "Read more" to see more gorgeous photos and info. :)

I layered one (thick-ish) coat of Fantasy Fire over two coats of Revlon - Royal. I think it would've looked better with another thin coat of Royal, I had just a little too much visible nail line for my liking. If I held my nails up to the light it looked a little funny. But my goodness. Isn't this GORGEOUS. I'm in love.

Outdoors - Flash
Close up - Artificial Light
And here we have a shot of my boyfriend photo-bombing while I made him hold onto my other bottle.
So girls, run, don't walk, to your nearest Target and snatch yourself up a bottle or three. ;) I believe most of the stands will only have 3 spaces for Fantasy Fire so you may find the stand empty but I'm crossing my fingers for you that it'll be full! :)
Finally, us Aussie girls get something amazing that's reasonably priced and in high demand!

Do you own Fantasy Fire or is it a lemming of yours? If you have it, do you have any other layering combos you recommend?!



Kristy said...

Nice pics, I really like Fantasy Fire on it's own

Nanxe said...

I just found out today through another blog that fantasy fire was in Target and I did exactly the same thing as you!! Drove straight to target and saw a 30% off max factor sign and bought all every bottle or FF they had!! Came down to $4.16 each!! And I have a Coles myer discount card so I got a massive bargain!! I'm so happy right now, and I think your swatches are divine! :)

MegaBomb said...

A work friend called me while shopping on her lunch break the other day - "Target has Max Factor Fantasy Fire, I'm getting you one". Your swatches are gorgeous, can't wait to try mine. For anyone else looking for FF, I've also seen it in Priceline.

MsPrickle said...

I bought mine from Priceline today. When I was in Big W this week they did not have any at my local one. :( Finding this made my day. :D

Damn Good Burger said...

I never even knew this existed 'til yesterday... I found it by accident while browsing through Myer! It was love at first sight, there were two bottles on the shelf, so I bought them both, because it is so freaking pretty. Knowing how coveted this is now, I am going to hunt down some more and buy it before it is discontinued

Rachael Dodd said...

Slightly addicted to this shade, bought three bottles! Love your swatches too.

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