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Monday, February 18, 2013

Aussie Nails Monday 18/2 - Rainbow - (China Glaze DV8)

Hey guys! It's Aussie Nails Monday again!
Today is sooo hot. It's like 40 degrees (Celsius) and I don't feel like doing any nail art, so I decided to show you a swatch of a holographic polish (which gives a rainbow effect) that I had in my untrieds basket.

This is China Glaze DV8 from the HTF (hard to find), discontinued OMG collection! :) I got it almost 2 months ago and haven't tried it yet?!?! I know I'm crazy.
DV8 is a really beautiful teal holographic.
Photos show 2 coats of DV8 with no topcoat.
Topcoat dulls the holo effect in the OMG collection so I would not recommend using a top coat with them.

DV8 in the shade
I love the China Glaze OMG collection! They dry so fast and the formula is fab. Unfortunately, my camera's not great at picking up the holographic quality. :(

I pretty much burnt my feet when I went outside to take these photos. :/ lol! So you better enjoy them! ;)

I also made a quick swatch video of this polish in action. :D

Hope you have a lovely week. ♥


Sara Nail said...

color is so mysterious and beautiful!

Lisa Robinson said...

wow pretty colour. My sister live in Australia, she is always saying how too hot it is lol.

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