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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Essie - Borrowed & Blue

Hey guys! Long time no talk! ;) Haha. I hope you've had a great weekend! :D
Sorry I didn't have any posts up for a few days! I didn't really wear much polish last week. I've been feeling uninspired :( and just trying to get my nails & cuticles in better condition since they've been feeling less than healthy lately (they may not look so bad in photos but editing and lots of cuticle oil covers that up usually ;))
While I wasn't posting, I was changing my blog layout. You may notice I change my layout pretty often... I really need to find something I like and stick to it because people won't recognise my blog! lol. Sorry about that. I get bored easily. But anyway, hope you enjoy the new layout! :) I really like this one.

The polish I'm showing you today is one that I've wanted for THE LONGEST TIME. Probably since I first started getting into nails. I don't know why it took me so long to buy it! But I finally did and it came in the mail to me a few days ago!

This is Essie's Borrowed And Blue. It's a super light baby blue creme. I love blue nails and I've always wanted a super super super pale blue, almost white colour but just never bought one!

I was a little disappointed, however. :( I started putting it on and noticed that it was incredibly thick and goopy. And after about 5 minutes, it had bubbled like crazy. Most polishes with a thick consistency like this one bubble on me but it may also have been a combination of the hot weather (icky :( ) and the thickness of the polish.
So after doing my first coat I removed everything, added some thinner to the polish and started again. Then it was muuuch easier to work with. It still bubbled a teeny bit but I couldn't tell unless I looked up super close.
Unfortunately this did chip on me within a few hours and polishes very rarely chip on me - mainly because I don't wear them long enough for them to chip!

This is such a pretty colour! ♥ It's so nice for summer and looks nice with a tan... though I'm not that tanned lol!

Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend and have a great week guys!


Mihaela (lacquerbuzz) said...

This looks really close to Illamasqua Caress. I'm happy because I love this color and now I don't have to look for it hehe. But it's really pretty and looks great on you! Sorry about the formula. And I love the new layout!

Anna Bean said...

That's such a lovely colour, I really really need a colour like this but can't find one tat doesn't have shimmer in it. Think I will have to purchase this one! Lovely nails :) xx

vicerimus said...

Awesome nails and a lemming of mine for some time) I envy the hot weather *__* :D

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