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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Color Club - Blue Heaven - Mission Untrieds #13

Gosh. Can you BELIEVE this had been in my untried basket for so long?! I'm guessing about two months. I should have put it on the second I received it!
I actually counted my untrieds today... I have roughly 70 polishes I haven't tried yet. LOL. Just know you'll be seeing these untried posts for a while to come hahaha.

This is Color Club's Blue Heaven from the 2012 Halo Hues collection. This is the only one I have from either of the Halo Hues collections and I definitely need more. This is INCREDIBLE! The holo shows up even in low lighting which makes me love it so much because other holos look ugly unless in the sun!

Pictures show 2 coats (over my regular base coat - Revlon Colorstay - you don't need to use a special base coat with these) and 1 coat of the Revlon Colorstay top coat. Top coat doesn't dull these holos! I thought they did when I first applied my top coat but once the top coat dried it went back to normal. :)


Ivana said...

Love love love this nail polish!!! Where were you able to buy this in Australia?

Elissa said...

Sorry I'm not sure, I bought it on eBay. :) I buy most of my polish on eBay.

citygirl907 said...

Wow amazing :)That is so stunning I'm speechless........

Frosso said...

I still haven't tried mine either >.< I'm trying to get through my untrieds just like you. My last count was 101 untrieds ahhhh and I get so overwhelmed I keep going back to my older polishes instead lol. The bad part is I'm really anxious to get the new 2013 color club halo hues now.

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