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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

January Favourites! ♡

Hey guys! January is over now but I had an idea the other day! I thought it could be fun to share the things I'm loving (not just polish related ;)) at the end of each month! I really love seeing monthly favourites posts on other blogs and videos on YouTube too! :)
I will be including my favourite polishes/nail art looks of the month, favourite blogs of the month, favourite food, TV shows, movies, and more! :D

I'll start with polish because I know that's what most of you want to see. ;)

Nail Polish
This month I totally fell in love with Shades Of Phoenix polishes! :) I did glitter gradient tips using Love From The Gods, a Valentines polish by SoP and LOVED it. You can check that out HERE if you missed it. And you can see the rest of my Shades of Phoenix swatches HERE.

I'm also super intriuged by the new OPI Liquid Sand polishes! They're really cool. I swatched and reviewed two of them HERE.

Nail Art
I have a few favourite nail art looks this month! I really got into more nail art this month! :)
I have to start with what I think is my most popular nail art ever! :D This nail art was inspired by the lovely Brie! My photo was been reposted on Instagram a ton (not always with credit... but that's another story) and lots of ladies have recreated it too! :) You can see the post HERE.

The next one would have to be this yellow to pink gradient I did! I did a video tutorial to go along with it and it got some nice feedback so thanks for that! :) I've seen a few girls try it out with the tutorial so I'm really happy I was able to help someone with it! :D You can see the post and tutorial HERE.

Nail Care Products
Towards the beginning of the month I was on the hunt for a new hand cream because the hot weather was making my hands super dry! I've tried a few new ones but the one that stood out to me is the Soap And Glory Hand Food! I've heard some awesome things about this hand cream - mostly about the scent! Haha. I suck at describing scents but it says on it that it smells like marshmallows and macadamia oil. It's so moisturising and leaves my hands looking, feeling and smelling lovely. It's not too heavy and absorbs quickly too.
I bought mine on eBay HERE. but I believe they can also be found at *some* Myers (not mine, sadly), Mecca Cosmetica and Kit Cosmetics in Australia.
I really want to try some more Soap And Glory products!

TV Show
I'm not a huge TV show watcher lately.. I haven't caught up on any of my favourites for over a year now! :/
But towards the end of January I got back into Gossip Girl! I used to really love it, I have 4 seasons on DVD but I kind of got bored of it and stopped watching a bit after season 5 started. But I ended up watching the whole of season 5 in two days and then season 6 in another two days! I got a bit addicted haha! I'm so sad that Gossip Girl is over forever but I really loved the ending. :)

If you know a lot about me... You'd know that my most favourite drink ever is Coke. I drink it all. the. time. Buuuut I know it's not good for me obviously so I've been trying to drink less of it and I've been drinking Coke Zero instead. Obviously still not very good for me but better than regular Coke right?! I used to HATE Coke Zero and think it tasted so horrible lol but I'm getting used to it slowly haha.

Blog / Blogger
My favourite blogs for January would have to be:
ThePolishOwl! I recently started following Radha's blog, Twitter and Instagram! I love reading her tweets, she's so fun! Haha I love hearing her opinions about all sorts and brands of polish too. :) Especially Lynnderella. She definitely makes me want some Lynnderella in my life haha.
 Dressed Up Nails. I absolutely loveeeee Dressed Up Nails! She does some phenomenal nail art and her nails are too cute! I really suggest you check out her blog! You can follow her on Instagram too.

I'm really excited about this! :) I hope you enjoyed my first ever favourites post! Also, let me know of any categories you want me to include in my favourites posts! :) I may include makeup every now and then but I only wear makeup once or twice a week so I don't try out new products too often.
Make sure to leave me a comment if you do monthly favourites posts so I can check it out! Or just let me know some of your fave things of the month in a comment! That'd be cool to know what you guys are loving too :)


Teneil said...

I just bought that hand cream last week (at the VIC meet up) and can't wait til I remember to use it :)

Koma Bunny said...

Keep doing these kind of posts..

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