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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Aussie Christmas 13/12 - BBQ

I am so sorry to the ladies who joined this challenge. I don't know what was going through my head when I created some of these themes. LOL. Well, it was 1am when I was coming up with them so that might explain it. Even I, the person who came up with these themes, couldn't come up with a design when it came around to this point in the challenge. :( SORRY.

So, of course being summer time now in Australia, we have a lot of BBQs! :) Lots of people have a big barbeque with their family on Christmas Day, but my family actually doesn't do a barbeque on Christmas Day, we usually do a roast lunch/dinner like most people would probably do in the US, being winter, but I absolutely loooooooove my roast Christmas dinner. :D My family has a lot of barbeques in summer time though, where we "chuck some snags and shrimp on the barbie".... LOL. Just a note for all of you non-Aussies: we don't say "shrimp on the barbie", OK?! :P I've never heard someone seriously say that in my whole life. We call them prawns, not shrimp. LOL.

So because I couldn't come up with an easy-to-do barbeque nail art design, I decided to try and franken the perfect barbeque sauce colour! I've heard that OPI's Mrs O Leary's BBQ is a great barbeque sauce colour but I don't own it.
Polishes I used:
Ulta3 Mulberry, Flashback Fuchsia, Bo Peep, and Black Satin, and Essence Fateful Desire as well as a little bit of clear topcoat.

I don't know how close I got to Mrs O Leary's BBQ, but I still like the colour! lol. I tried to make it as brown as possible but if you can believe it, I don't own a warm brown polish that isn't a shimmer or something. :O I fell in love with this franken I made! I will totally wear it again!


Nailovelogy said...

Lovely vampy colour Elissa! And we all love a bit of challenge, I keep thinking how to draw a wagyu beef steak, lol!

Julz Perri said...

This is a pretty purple colour! I have Mrs. O'Leary's BBQ and I wish I was doing this challenge just so I could use it - it's definitely more reddy brown whereas this seems to come off as purple? Almost eggplanty :p

But I love this franken!

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