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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Piper Polish Swatches and Review

Hey hey! I have 4 pretties from Piper Polish to share with you today! :)

Here's some info about Piper Polish, taken from their Etsy store info:
"Hand blended nail lacquer creations. Piper Polish uses only the finest ingredients starting from scratch to craft an array of unique polishes. You are sure to find everything from simple sophisticated blends all the way up to the funkiest, chunkiest glitters! Of course, there is the highly sought after SpectraFlair Topcoat! Made with the real deal SpectraFlair (1500-35 course grade) brand substitutes!"

First is All That Glitters Is Gold* is a clear base, with loads of holographic shimmer/glitter (not sure, it's so tiny haha), as well as small and large gold glitters, and small and large black glitters. I would store this one upside down because unfortunately, the black glitters seemed to sink to the bottom for me. If you store it upside down, when you go to use it you won't have a hard time getting glitters out of the bottle.
1 coat over Butter London Pillar Box Red (ONE coat!! My fave red!). This combo was very Christmassy! :) Love!

All That Glitters Is Gold - sunlight
All That Glitters Is Gold - Artificial light
Franken-Chic* is a limited edition shade to Piper Polish for Halloween. It's a sheer orange jelly base with different sizes and shapes of black and white glitters, and lots of teeny holographic sparkles. This one would be PERFECT for Halloween! :) I love it! Especially the holographic sparkles, so pretty in the sun! As you can see, I do have some visible nail line (because of the jelly base) but I don't mind it too much. If you do mind, you could just layer it over another orange polish, or even a white would work too!
3 coats with topcoat.
Franken-chic - sunlight
Franken-chic - artificial light

Glitter Not Litter* has matte glitters in pink, green, blue purple and red. Some large and some small. This one reminds me of a clown! Haha. I think the point of this polish is that it's not supposed to be very dense, but I did experience some sinking glitter in this one and couldn't seem to get much glitter on the brush. I just turned the bottle upside down for a few minutes and then it was fine. This is another I'd recommend storing upside down.
2 dabbed coats over 2 coats of Ulta3 Fruit Tingle and topcoat.

Glitter Not Litter - natural light
Glitter Not Litter - artificial light

Peace, Love And Rainbows*. Get ready for this. This is a forest green linear HOLOGRAPHIC, with colour shifting shimmer (red to green). My boyfriend actually picked that it had colour shifting shimmer before I did! :O Soooooooo gorgeous!!! I don't usually go for greens but this one is toooo pretty! You need it! ;) My camera sucks at photographing holos unfortunately. :( This was more holo in person. I was lucky to get any sunshine photos of it because it was a pretty chilly, sun-less day (it's supposed to be summer! :() when I swatched it.
2 coats, no topcoat.

Peace, Love And Rainbows - sunlight
Peace Love And Rainbows - sunlight
Peace Love And Rainbows - artificial light

Overall I'm impressed with all of the Piper Polishes I tried! :) I absolutely love Peace, Love And Rainbows*, as you could probably tell. :P All of these polishes are super unique to my collection, especially Franken-Chic*! I love the combo of All That Glitters Is Gold* over red! All polishes were pretty easy to apply, aside from a couple where I had to work a little harder to place glitters but that really doesn't bother me. For some reason I really like the labels on Piper Polish bottles! The font is really cute haha.

Piper Polish is available on Etsy for $8USD for a full size, and $5.50USD for minis. :) Piper Polish is also on Facebook.

Elissa xx

*Products marked with an asterisk were provided to me for review but this does not influence my opinion in any way. My reviews are 100% my honest opinion. For more information please see my Disclosure Policy.


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