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Monday, December 10, 2012

Aussie Nails Monday 10/12 - Delicate

I'm sorry this post is going up much later than usual! I sort of got myself in over my head with the challenges I'm doing LOL. I have the Aussie Christmas Challenge every second day, and Aussie Nails Monday every Monday (as the name would suggest...) so I totally forgot about ANM until 11pm last night. :P I hadn't even decided what exactly I was going to do yet! Usually I have my manis done at least a day or two (if not more) early for things like this just so I'm ahead of time and not rushing! I need to get more organised. Usually I am so I feel stressed out being unorganised!

Disclaimer: Please don't judge my stamping LOL.
The base is OPI Don't Touch My Tutu topped with Pirouette My Whistle. I need to see if I can find full size bottles of these online because I only have minis and they're both about half gone!
I stamped over this using a lace pattern from a plate "M57" which I purchased from Born Pretty Store, about a year ago. I do recommend this plate from there if they still have it; I didn't check lol. Another that I bought from there ("M65") isn't so good however.
I used Ulta3's Black Satin polish to stamp with. And it worked really well! Black Satin is awesomely opaque. I'm just not the best at placing stamps in the right place. :P I think it turned out the best on my ring finger, that was the look I was going for on all of my nails.
I mattified the whole mani with Rimmel's matte topcoat! I really like this look with matte topcoat!

I'd love to do some more stamping manis! If you have any stamping plates you recommend or any techniques that help, let me know. :)

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A Polish Addict said...

Love the base color combo, very delicate indeed <3

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