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Friday, December 14, 2012

China Glaze - Ruby Pumps

Hi guys!
I thought I'd show you my mani I wore last weekend! Actually, exactly a week from now haha. I've shown this in a swatch recently but I'd never worn it as a full manicure until now! You'll already know what the polish is from the title of the post but I bet some of you were like ":O" when you read that I'd never worn it as a mani till now!

By the way, yesterday I did file my nails back square - and veryyyyy short. So any swatches/photos you see after today, are old(er) photos. :) Just thought I'd let you know cos in the coming weeks you'll probably see my nails at various different shapes and lengths.

Anyway... This is China Glaze Ruby Pumps. A gorgeous red jelly polish with either red or silver glitter... I think... Haha. The PERFECT Christmas red!

Ruby Pumps in the shade
Ruby Pumps under artificial light
This is ABSOLUTELY beautiful! I'm in love. It sparkles like crazy in the light! This was actually the first China Glaze I ever wanted! If you don't already own this - YOU NEED IT. Here, I'm going to be an enabler and give you the link to where you can buy it on eBay. HERE, or HERE, or HERE. They all ship worldwide and I have ordered from all 3. Go now, buy it. ;)

I can tell I will wear this at least a few times before Christmas! I may even wear it ON Christmas. :)


Rebecca said...

One of my favorites. So pretty!

Alexis Leigh said...

This color is so stunning! I have Dorothy Who from the same collection and I love it.

Elissa said...

I LOOOOOVE Dorothy Who!! So amazing!

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