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Friday, December 7, 2012

Essence Snow White TE Swatches (Part 1)

Hello my lovelies! :D I'm sorry if any of you don't like when people post more than once a day. I've been trying to space my posts out as much as possible.

I am super super super excited about today's post! I have a review of the Essence Snow White TE (Trend Edition) for you! :D The Disney lover in me is insanely excited to be showing you these!!! :) I'll be posting them in 3 parts.
In the Snow White TE, there is 3 glitter toppers (10ml), 1 normal size polish (10ml), and 7 'dwarfs' (5ml), along with some nail art stickers and nail file.

This is Sleepy*, a baby blue with a really pretty blue sheen through it. The formula on this one was kinda weird. On the first coat, it was very thin, but when I added the second, it was very thick. o.O lol. Nothing too hard to work with, but a little thicker than I prefer. I think I'll add some thinner to this one.
2 coats, no topcoat.

Sleepy - sunlight
Sleepy - artificial light
This is Prince Charming*, a mix of small holographic and larger blue glitter in a clear base. This is a really pretty glitter! I didn't have any problems applying it.
1 coat over Sleepy*, no topcoat.

Prince Charming - sunlight
Prince Charming - artificial light
This is Sneezy*, a warm brown with silver micro-glitters through it. I don't usually go for browns but this was lovely! Definitely something I can see myself wearing in winter or autumn!
2 coats, no topcoat.

Sneezy - sunlight
Sneezy - artificial light
This is The Huntsman*, a mix of tiny and larger gold (leaning on the copper-y side) glitters with sparse large holographic flakes throughout in a clear base. I think this is gorgeous! I think I'd prefer it if the flakes were only small and contained no huge ones (see ring finger), however. Though the large flakes are pretty sparse so you could probably apply it avoiding the large flakes.
1 coat over Sneezy*, no topcoat.

The Huntsman - sunlight
The Huntsman - artificial light
This TE also offers some super cute nail art stickers, and a nail file!
The nail file has a picture of the Evil Queen on one side, and Snow White on the other! :) So cute. This file is quite nice. It's a little more coarse than I like to use on my fingernails but I'll probably use it for pedicures! It has 2 sides. Side 1 is for 'shortening' and Side 2 is for 'shaping'.

Nail File
The nail stickers that come with this TE are so cute! There's lots of stickers to choose from, including all 7 Dwarfs, Snow White and the Evil Queen along with some other cute designs. :)
Nail Stickers
Nail Stickers - instructions and examples/ideas
Nail Stickers - examples/ideas
The design ideas on the back of the package are really cute! I'll have to try them out some time.

Overall So far, I'm really impressed! Although I had a tiny issue with the formula on Sleepy*, I absolutely love the colour! And although Sneezy* is not something I'd usually wear, it's gorgeous!
I can't wait to show you the rest of this collection!

Stay tuned for the swatches of the other 7 polishes in this collection over the next week or so! :) I'll be posting 2 more parts!

A reminder about my China Glaze "OMG" HTF Auction! It ends tomorrow night at 11:59pm South Australia time! Go HERE to bid!

Elissa xx

*Products marked with an asterisk were provided to me for review but this does not influence my opinion in any way. My reviews are 100% my honest opinion. For more information please see my Disclosure Policy.


Stania Antoine said...

Nice swatches! Sleepy is very cute.

Koma Bunny said...

Perfect nails!
Essence is great!

Elissa said...

Thanks so much! Essence is definitely one of my fave brands!

Elissa said...

Thank you! I absolutely LOVE Sleepy! :)

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