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Sunday, February 10, 2013

OPI - Red Lights Ahead...Where? + stamping with QA18 - Mission Untrieds #15

I wasn't planning on sharing my weekend manicure on here because it was just a plain red (and I only have a mini bottle of this polish I didn't feel like photographing it LOL), but then I added some stamping for Saturday night so I decided I'd show it! :D

Let me tell you to start off - I'm still new to stamping. I should practice more lol. I had to redo each nail twice I think but it wasn't too bad compared to other times haha.
My base colour is OPI Red Lights Ahead...Where? and I did the stamping using Ulta3 Lily White and stamping plate QA18 which I bought from Born Pretty Store.
I've worn Red Lights Ahead...Where? before but it was aaaaaages ago, almost a year ago actually, when I first got into polish! :) It was one of my first OPIs!

Everyone says that Ulta3 Lily White is great for stamping but it doesn't seem to work for me. :( Maybe I don't stamp hard enough or something? But when I transfer the polish from the stamp to my nail, half of it is still on the stamp (which is why it looks so faint on my nail lol). o.O
Do you have any tips for me, or recommendations for good stamping polishes?! :) I'm getting more into nail art lately and I really want to get more into stamping because it's so cute and there are some ADORABLE plates out there! Plus I'd imagine it's much easier when you get the hang of it and then you'd be able to do it super quickly! :)

Btw - how cute would this design be for Valentine's Day?! Even the other way around too, red stamping on a white base. That would be sooo cute! Maybe I'll try it next time! ^_^


Natalie said...

That's really simple and cute. I need that stamp ;)

Anonymous said...

check out the essie mirror metallics polishes, all 5 are perfect for stamping! sally hansen xtreme wear pink satin is good too :)

lilyandjinks said...

I'm very new to stamping, but konad special polish in white works really well. So do the Ulta3 metallics (envy, snazzle and lollipop lilac). I think I read somewhere that if it doesn't transfer, it's drying too quickly?

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