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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Jasmine - Disney Princess Nail Art Challenge - Day 1

Hey guys! I'm really excited about today's post! Bec from LacquerDreams created a Disney Princess Nail Art Challenge and when I saw it, I was like HECK YEAH. I'm a big Disney fan :D Most of my friends definitely know this about me! My mum even gave me a Tinkerbell card for my 20th birthday this year. ;)
(Jasmine PSD Source)
Let me just say - I hate the Urban Outfitters bottles. They are SO awkward for photos...

So today's theme is Jasmine, from Aladdin! I have to admit I don't remember being a big fan of Aladdin when I was little. I actually don't remember watching it more than once...

As soon as I saw that today's theme was Jasmine, I remembered I had seen this mani by Yvonne / Lafemmelulu on Instagram, a few months ago and it TOTALLY reminds me of Jasmine! So I decided to do something similar to this :)

For this nail art I used Urban Outfitters Sea Dust and China Glaze Passion, with a coat of Essence Sweet As Candy as my base. I started off using striping tape to try and get cleaner lines but gave up because I couldn't be bothered waiting for the layers to dry, honestly. :P
I hope you're looking forward to the rest of this challenge - I sure am! :D It also makes me want to re-watch all of these Disney movies! I might need to for inspiration for some of them! Hehe.

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Hope you're having a fantastic weekend! ♥
Please check out the other awesome ladies participating in this challenge ♥


Kelly @ Nails for the Sake of Sanity said...

This is absolutely perfect for Jasmine, I love it!

Leah Michalewicz said...

I can't wait to see Belle and Ariel! They're my favorites!

Frosso said...

I love this! Such a great challenge theme :D

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