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Monday, March 18, 2013

Ombre - Aussie Nails Monday 18/3

Hey guys! Today I'm back with Aussie Nails Monday! :) I haven't participated in ANM for about 3 weeks now so it was about time I stopped being lazy hehe.
Today's theme is Ombre. Now, as far as I understand, an ombre manicure and a gradient are not the same thing. You can read all about that in THIS POST by Jeanette/The Swatchaholic. :) She does a fabulous job at explaining and demonstrating the differences! You could probably also say these are Skittle nails.
PS. Sorry, the photos in this post were taken outdoors rather than in my lightbox. Didn't have my lightbox handy at the time and then the weather was crappy. :( Anywho hope that doesn't bother you.

So I had a little bit of a hard time choosing what colour I would do for my ombre because I was like "do I even own enough shades of the same colour to do that?!"... Of course you do Elissa! :P
I chose blue because I'd have to say, I own a LOT of blues.

The colours I used were (from darkest-lightest):
Essence Date In The Moonlight
China Glaze First Mate
China Glaze Secret Peri-wink-le
Ulta3 Pro Sky Blue
Essie Borrowed And Blue
All are creme colours except for Essence Date In The Moonlight, which is a very dark navy base with a lighter blue subtle shimmer.
Have you ever done ombre nails before? :) I really like it!


Sammi Darling said...

These colours look amazing together. I prefer this ombre look over the gradient look but that is just my opinion :)

Chantal Halley said...

Loving your ombre nails! I need to try this soon. Actually, last week I bought one of China Glaze's Ombre nail kits (the teal one). The kits are meant to do gradient nails though, not ombre nails. They even have instructions on the back on how to do a gradient. Bad China Glaze, bad! :p

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