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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Sinful Colors - Nail Junkie

Hey there! :)
If you didn't know already, Sinful Colors nail polishes are now available in Australia! Even though it seems like a brand that is thought to be "not that great" in the US, I got so excited when I found out that I'd be able to buy them here! :D They're $2 in the US I believe, and $4.95 here but I don't think $4.95 is too much to pay, honestly! And they might be on sale from time to time! I bought a bunch before Christmas when they were $3.70 at Target! They don't have all of the colours, I believe they have approximately 40 colours though, which is awesome! :D
Most Target stores will carry Sinful Colors, and selected Priceline stores. :)

So anyway, this one I'm showing you today is Nail Junkie! I think there are two versions of this, the first one was much sheerer than this one. I found a comparison HERE if you're interested.
Nail Junkie is a teal-ish jelly base with micro and slightly larger (but still small) iridescent glitters. It's super sparkly and eye catching!
But the formula unfortunately left something to be desired. It's sheer, as jelly polishes are, but also quite thick and goopy at the same time. I did one thin coat, followed by another thick coat, trying not to do too many brush strokes because it would drag the first coat around.
But really, for a cheap polish, I'm willing to work with a "meh" polish in the formula department.
I then topped it with 2 coats of Seche Vite topcoat to smooth out the glitters and make the goopy-ness go down! Haha.

Hope you enjoyed! Have you picked up any Sinful Colors yet?! :)


DistinKt Nails said...

Gorgeous swatch. I love Nail Junkie, haven't worn it in a while. I will do for my next mani. I love your nail shape. Looks great :)

Elissa said...

Thanks so much :)

Anonymous said...

I've been keeping a look out in Adelaide for them, but I haven't seen them hit the shelves in Priceline or Target yet. Grrr. I love that shade.

Elissa said...

Aww really?! I found them at Target at Castle Plaza, but I haven't seen them anywhere else.

citygirl907 said...

I was super ecstatic when I found these at Target!!! I am so in love with their range. If you haven't already I highly recommend a colour called "dancing nails". It is now officially my favourite polish ever and will probably buy a second bottle of it! Formula is pretty good and wear-time is fantastic. 3 days with no chips :)

Susan Burgess said...

Kmart and Priceline at Noarlunga Centre have them. Kmart in particular have a huge range. Price $4.

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