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About Lissa

First of all... I want to say thank you for reading my blog and caring enough to actually check out the "About Me" page! :D It means a lot to me that someone would actually want to see who I am etc, rather than just following and checking out all the pretty polish but not caring about who is behind the nails. :)

My name is Elissa! I'm *almost 20* years old (I probably will forget to update this after my birthday, which is the 26th of February. Hehe) and I live in South Australia, which can be hard at times for a polish addict!

My obsession with nails started in 2010 when I had my grade 12 formal, and I got acrylic nails. For my whole life up until then, I had bitten my nails badly. But somehow, having acrylics kicked the habit. I got really into doing acrylics for about a year and then I decided to stop and grow my natural nails out. I started buying a lot of polish and the rest is history! ;)
I now own ~350 polishes and my collection is increasing with every month.
Nail polish is one of my only hobbies (when someone asks me my hobbies, nail polish is the only thing I can think of!) and I just can't get enough! ^_^
My family thinks it's insane and that I "have too much nail polish" (I know some of you can definitely relate to this!) but I know that they are so wrong about that! ;)

Some other hobbies of mine are going to the movies - seriously, I love it!, watching TV shows, baking/cooking, crafts and YouTube! I absolutely love coming on and seeing what new videos my favourite YouTubers have uploaded! I actually started my own YouTube channel recently, so check it out if you're interested! I have uploaded mostly nail tutorials so far. :)

So that's about it for now! I can't think of much else to tell you without boring you, if I haven't already! :)
If you want to know more - you can follow me on Twitter or Instagram @lissaspolishaddiction (ALL nail related photos) or @elissasinclair (personal, non-polish related photos). Or you can email me at lissaspolishaddiction[at] I would LOVE to chat with you. :) I don't bite I promise! :)


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