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Monday, September 3, 2012

31DC2012: Day 1 - Red and 2 - Orange

Hey girls! Here is day one and two of the 31DC2012 (31 Day Challenge 2012)! I hoped to have this post up earlier but my internet wasn't working so please forgive that!

Day one of the challenge was RED. I'm not a huge red wearer on my nails because red creams just feel too classic for me, and sparkly reds feel too Christmas-y! :P And reds can look very hooker-ish on long nails. But I did buy a red recently that I've been itching to try!
Artificial Light
This is Ulta3 - English Rose. A super sparkly red jelly-ish polish. It has a LOAD of red micro glitter in it and maybe some gold too. I put it on in my bedroom which is pretty dimly lit. I have a chandelier sort of light with 5 bulbs and all but 2 need to be replaced. Anywho, I turned on the lamp next to my bed to take a photo and i was literally like "WHOAAA SO SPARKLY"! :P 
I'm wearing two coats here, with no base or top coat since I didn't plan on wearing it for more than 20 minutes. I think I could've done with another coat though if I was wearing for a proper mani because I could sort of see visible nail line.
Please excuse my one crappy photo, I took it on my iPhone because I was too lazy to grab my camera.
I first saw this polish on Dana @ Polished Claws Up, she has a beautiful swatch of it so I suggest you go and find her's! :)

Click "Read more" to see the polish I chose for day two!

Day two of the challenge is ORANGE. I don't own any TRUE orange polishes because they don't look good on me but I feel like the one I chose kind of classifies as an orange so I'm gonna go with it. ;)
I actually bought this one on Saturday! And I was really excited to get it. 

Artificial Light
This is BYS - Pretty as a Peach. I saw this colour on Sam @ The Nailasaurus a while back, and thought it looked gorgeous on her so I had to get it, since BYS is a super cheap brand and I think their formula is quite a bit better than it used to be! Except for their chunky glitters; those will not dry on me. For me, they never dry to a totally solid finish and stay squishy. :/ So I tend to skip on those, even though some look quite pretty! But their cream colours are nothing like that. The cream dry time isn't super fast but it does actually dry, lol. :)
It's a pretty peach colour, as the name would suggest. I really struggled to get a good photo of this polish! It was turning waaaay too orange on my camera. I went into 4 rooms in my house til I found good lighting! I believe this polish is a little more orange than Essie - Van d Go which I know is a popular colour and I also have that one. One that I don't own, but think this would be similar to, is Barry M - Peach Melba.

Artificial Light
So that's my first two days of the challenge! I'm already wearing my polish for day three so I will have that up for you tomorrow! :D And I should have the first day of the Girly Girl challenge up tomorrow too which will be one day behind. :(



Victoria - manicurator said...

Beautiful nails! Just started following you :)

issta. said...

Great Aussie polishes :)
Love the look of your nails, so much longer than mine.

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