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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

GGNAC: 1 - Think Pink

Hi girly girls! Lucky you, two posts from me today. ;) Here I have the first day of the Girly Girl Nail Art Challenge (GGNAC)! I'm a couple days behind on it but I hope you'll forgive that. :P I was supposed to have this up on Sept 2nd but that day was kinda hectic so here we are.

The first day of the challenge is "Think Pink: Wear your favourite nail polish & nail art". I don't really have a favourite pink polish! I guess I don't really wear pink super often but I do have quite a few in my collection. I chose to wear one of the pinks that I've liked on myself before. :) I've actually already showed it here once before but I hope you won't mind seeing it again!
This is Essie - Off the Shoulder, a pretty basic bright pink polish. But I don't have an exact dupe in my collection! I try to steer clear of hot pinks like this because they aren't really unique and I don't find myself wanting to wear them often either.

Natural Light
Artificial Light
I was supposed to show some nail art with this colour.. Oops! :P I've already shown some nail art with this polish before however, HERE.

Next week's GGNAC theme is "Gimme That Bling"! So hope you'll be looking forward to that! :)



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