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Friday, September 7, 2012

31DC2012: Day 7 - Black & White (Chevron Print Nail Art)

As promised, today I have some nail art to show you for Day 7 of the 31 Day Challenge! :) I am really excited to show you this, it has to be one of my favourite manis I've ever done! And it was SUPER easy to do!

I saw a tutorial by Cutepolish on Youtube (I'm sure 99% of you know of her or have watched at least ONE of her nail tutorials), which you can see HERE to create chevron print nails! I was skeptical at first because all the tutorials I've seen for this print either involve buying decals or something really complicated. But this tutorial really IS easy, if you have the materials.

For these nails you need craft/sewing scissors in a zig zag shape (often called 'pinking shears', if you want a correct term) and regular sticky tape on a dispenser. I had a really hard time finding these scissors! In the scissors section of the craft store I go to, the only pattern they had were wavy and all these other strange patterns, but not zig zag. Which I found very weird because you'd think a zig zag pattern would be really popular but whatever. I also looked in the sewing scissors section and couldn't find any. My grandma ended up giving me an old pair of her pinking shears.
Watch Cutepolish's tutorial that I linked above to see exactly how to do this. :) Trust me, it's very easy! Just make sure your polish underneath is totally dry before you do anything else.

For this mani I used Rimmel - Hot Shot, a great hot pink! On my accent nails I used NYC - Night, my favourite black polish as the baseand Sally Hansen - Whirlwind White for the chevron print! :) (This is where the black and white fits in for today's theme!)

I then did the mani on my other hand but swapped the hot pink for China Glaze - For Audrey!

I absolutely love how this mani turned out and I will definitely be trying it again!



natalsie said...

Super cute - great that you used two colours!

Maisky said...

Wish I saw your blog sooner! You have great nail looks!
I have nominated you for a Liebster Award. Please see

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