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Sunday, September 30, 2012

"This is Halloween" Nail Art Challenge!

I am so excited for this! :D That's right, I'm participating in another challenge!

Bec @ Lacquer Dreams, an awesome fellow Aussie blogger, has started a Halloween nail challenge for October! :D (I may shorten it to '"TIH"NAC', like I did for the 31 Day Challenge (31DC) though "TIH"NAC kinda looks stupid. LOL. I'll come up with something).

In Aus, Halloween isn't really a 'holiday' or anything big. Some kids go Trick or Treating and dress up but not a lot. We do get some novelty stuff in stores around Halloween time though. My siblings like to go Trick or Treating but they don't really come back with a whole lot of stuff because it's not very big here so people aren't prepared with food to give out to the kids. :P It would be cool to experience Halloween in the US though!

Anyway, even though we don't celebrate it, it's a super fun opportunity for a challenge! :D
I loved the 31 Day Challenge because it got me thinking of mani ideas and got me in a routine of blogging every day! This challenge is only twice a week (except for in the last few days of the challenge) so it should be much less demanding. :)

I believe the challenge is open to anyone, in any country so feel free to join in with us! :) You can go HERE to read Bec's post about the challenge and HERE to see her other post, and you can comment there if you'd like to join us in the challenge and Bec can email you the Inlinkz code.

I think this is going to be really fun! Not sure if I'll be sick of Halloween manis by the end of the month though. :P



Lindsey Roberts said...

Oooh yay! Halloween here is a total blast! Last year I dressed up as Maleificent (the withc from Sleeping Beauty) and my daughter was Sleeping Beauty!

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