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Monday, September 3, 2012

31DC2012 - Day 3: Yellow

Today's theme for the 31 Day Challenge is YELLOW. I only own two or three yellow polishes so it wasn't hard for me to choose one for the challenge. ;)
Today's a perfect day to wear yellow polish. Only the third day of spring and it seriously feels like it's about November! Such a nice warm, sunny day. I've spent all day sitting outside! :)

This is my slightly frankened bottle of Rimmel London - Lemon Drop, a scented pastel yellow. I bought this a few months ago and it turned out less pastel than I'd hoped it would be. So I added some white into it to make it more pastel! :) It's still not AS pastel and muted as I would like but it's still pretty. A perfect spring colour!
Artificial Light
Artificial Light
I layered China Glaze - Snow Globe over top! I bought Snow Globe on eBay about two weeks ago and it arrived on Friday! I was so excited to get it; it was probably one of the first CGs I ever wanted, since I started getting into polish around Christmas and I believe it was a Christmas exclusive? Or maybe it's part of the permanent line and is just repromoted around Christmas. I'm not sure. But anyway it is GORGEOUS, and looks good over almost anything from swatches I've seen!

Artificial Light
Natural Light
Does anyone have any recommendations for a extremely pastel yellow, even more pastel/muted than this one?! 



Rebecca said...

I love this yellow! It's subtle and creamy, a great combo for yellow. (As opposed to the yellows that make nails look a little... off). Beautiful!

Jolie said...

Beautiful color! Love lemon drop but it is even beter like this! ;)

Elissa said...

Thanks Rebecca! :) I know, I hate yellows that make your hands look sickly or something LOL

Elissa said...

Thankyou Jolie!

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