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Friday, September 21, 2012

31DC2012: Day 21 - Inspired by a Colour

So I had no idea what I should do on my nails for "Inspired by a Colour". :/ I did come up with a couple ideas but to be honest I'm getting sick of doing designs every day and felt like a regular colour on my nails! I like doing nail art, but I don't particularly like to wear it on my nails as a manicure so I haven't really been wearing polish a whole lot lately!

I swear I'm getting confused about the seasons right now. Because I'm seeing a bunch of girls upload YouTube videos about their Fall/Autumn Nail Polish Picks and bloggers showing Fall/Autumn collections so I'm really feeling like wearing muted and dark colours! Also the weather has been a bit weird here. One day it's really nice and warm and sunny, and the next it's cold and rainy. I'm looking forward to wearing brights, pastels and neons when the weather gets warmer though! :)

Anyway I bought this colour this week because of the fall colours I've been seeing and this one looked really nice!
This is Ulta3 - Mulberry! And it's the Made in Australia formulation (vs the PRC version) which I was excited to see because the PRC bottles seem to have really crappy brushes but this one wasn't bad. Not fabulous, but not bad.
In dim lighting Mulberry is a dark berry, wine, burgundy sort of colour. In bright lighting or daylight, it's still a dark berry-ish shade but not so dark. :) The formula was SUPER nice, almost opaque in one coat but the formula was kinda "crelly-ish" (creme/jelly) because it went on so smoothly and was SO shiny!
I was afraid it would stain my cuticles when I did cleanup but it didn't at all! :) I did have a bit of pulling with my Seche Vite but that's the top coat's fault, not the Ulta3. :P

I am super impressed with this Ulta3 shade! So pretty and AWESOME formula! Ulta3 usually has an alright formula. Obviously harder to work with than high end brands but fine for the small price tag ($2, occasionally $2.50 I think).

Sorry that this wasn't a nail art post! Tomorrow's post will be. :)



Shelby Swatches said...

I adore that berry color!! said...


Rebecca said...

Haha! I honestly feel the same way. We're in the really fun column (in my mind atleast, the most creative ones) but I'm getting tired out by all of this nail art! Love this color though.

Elissa said...

@Shelby Swatches
Isn't it lovely! :D

Elissa said...
Thank you :)

Elissa said...

Haha thanks! :) I'm missing my plain manis. But to be honest most of the manis I've been doing for the challenge I take off right after I photograph them. :P

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