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Monday, November 19, 2012

Aussie Nails Monday 19/11 Glitter

Hey hey! Happy Monday! If that's even possible :P Hope you had a great weekend. Mine was average, but oh well! Hopefully this coming weekend is much better!

Today is the second day of Aussie Nails Monday! You can see my first ANM post HERE. Or click on the tab in the navbar labelled 'Aussie Nails Monday' for more info. :)

Today's theme is 'GLITTER'! We all know I love me some glitter! I decided I'd try a gradient, starting at the cuticle. Yep, this is the first time I've done a glitter gradient starting at the cuticle. o.O When I first started seeing them, I thought it looked really weird but now I like the look of them better than gradients that start at the tip!

I used a base of Mirenesse Berry Boa. I got this as a freebie with Woman's Day mag! I've heard great things about Mirenesse polishes and I was not let down by this one! :)
Berry Boa was almost opaque in one coat but I had a few bald spots, so I did two. It's not really a berry colour to me.. At least it didn't look like that in person. I'd say it was more of a deep red. But still really gorgeous! It was perfect to work with. No issues here! Though I can't say I've ever had trouble with a red polish!

I then did a glitter gradient with Essence Gold Fever, one of the new style Essence polishes. :) I'm getting into small glitters lately so I picked this one up. (I used to HATE glitters like this and only bought chunky glitters). Gold Fever has small gold and sparse red glitters. I used a technique I saw in this post by Lucy's Stash. :) Her's look better though. :)

Hope you have a great week!

Elissa xx

Please go check out the other lovely ANM ladies nails! :)


A Polished Prance said...

That looks so gorgeous!!!

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