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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

OPI - DS Mystery and The Man With The Golden Gun

Hey ladies! Today I have a polish to show you that I bought from Carli in her blog sale! :) This is my first OPI Designer Series polish and I am so excited about it. :D
Sorry I haven't posted in a few days! I have some really exciting stuff coming up for you, though!

DS Mystery is a very dark purple base, with tiny gold flake shimmer. It is freaking gorgeous!

I had a little trouble with this polish. I applied my top coat after about 5 mins of applying my polish (which is what I usually do), and it dragged the colour majorly! I tried a few different top coats on different nails once I noticed the colour was dragging, so it definitely wasn't the top coat's fault. I fixed it by doing another coat of colour once the top coat had dried & then waited as long as possible for that to dry before applying one last layer of top coat.

I took a photo with flash to show the parts where the colour dragged! (Please excuse the lack of cleanup, I don't usually do cleanup until I'm finished the entire manicure)

Then, after wearing DS Mystery for a day, I added the amazing OPI Man With the Golden Gun 18k Gold top coat. <3 I've had this for a few weeks now and hadn't used it yet! I was too scared! LOL. I wanted to wait for a lot of swatches to pop up online so I could find a nice colour combo. I didn't want to put it over something and not like it, and have wasted some of this polish! Ahhh, isn't it freakin' amazing!?
I don't know how often I'll wear it, though. I'll admit I bought it mostly for a "collector" purpose, being that it's in an awesome mirrored gold bottle and comes in a special box!
(Because I know someone will ask - OPI Man With the Golden Gun is available in David Jones in Australia for $40 I believe. I bought mine on eBay for about half that amount, but the seller I bought it from is no longer selling it, sorry)

I wore this for 2 days (the first day without TMWTGG), when it was almost 30 degrees (aka. typical summer weather), HA. I needed a break from pastels!

Do you own any DS polishes? Any HTF ones? (If you do, oh my gosh I am jealous) I am dying to own DS Extravagance, and have been for a long time! Maybe Santa will bring me it for Christmas. ;)


A Polished Prance said...

That is freaking stunning!!!

Shelby's Swatches said...

I love the base on its own, but oh my goodness...together they are gorgeous!

RavenMark said...

Lovely! I own Man With The Golden Gun as well. I also got mine from eBay, and the seller doesn't have anymore either. I pre-ordered it actually. :-) As far as OPI's Designer Series, I just ordered Mystery on eBay. I can't wait!! NICE swatches!

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