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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Undie Sunday

Hey guys! Today I've got some "undies" to show you. No, not the kind of undies you're thinking. LOL. If you're not familiar with the term, lots of bloggers/nail polish gals call their base colour of a manicure (perhaps a colour you'd wear under a glitter), the 'underwear', hence the name undies. :D

I'm gonna show you the 'undies' I wore with the Ulta3 Glitters I swatched. :)

China Glaze Ruby Pumps. Can you believe I hadn't worn this until now!? It was love at first stroke. Soooo beautiful. I'm loving reds right now and I didn't want to remove this! Ruby Pumps is a red jelly-ish formula with red microglitter. Just gorgeous. This is 2 coats but I'd probably do a third next time.
Sorry the photo is a bit crappy.

Essence Walk On The Wild Side. A dark green with a lighter green shimmer. A little thinner than I'd expected but really nice! 2 coats.

OPI Swimsuit Nailed It is a foil-ish bright blue. 2 coats. Really pretty but this polish is a horrible stainer! I had it on for no more than 10 minutes and it stained! UGH!

Ulta3 Black Satin is my go-to black creme! It's a ONE COATER. I'd probably do two if I were wearing it alone though, just because it really highlights the ridges in my nails! But it's really nice for stamping and nail art because it's so opaque!

China Glaze Fast Track is a taupe leaning nude with a beautiful gold shimmer! This is from the Hunger Games collection. 2 coats but I probably would've done a third if I was wearing it alone.

OPI Number One Nemesis is similar to Chanel Graphite. I bought a mini a while ago. I hate mini bottles. I hate 'posing' with them, and the brushes usually suck but this one wasn't too bad. :) I can't even describe this lol. ThePolishAholic said it was a "murky grey/green shimmer" and I always trust her descriptions so there we go. :P 2 coats but I'd do a third if I was wearing it alone.

Let me know if you liked my undies post! ;) I don't really swatch glitters like the Ulta3s very often, so I probably won't have these undies posts often but I really enjoy seeing them from other bloggers such as Valesha from PeachyPolish who does them pretty often! Check out her amazing blog. She only just started blogging recently but I've followed her on Instagram for a pretty long time now and her swatches are impeccable! :)

Elissa xx


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