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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Color Club - Wild At Heart

Hey guys! Hope you're having a great week!
The polish I have to show you today is draw-dropping-ly GORGEOUS! :D

This is Color Club - Wild At Heart which is from Color Club's Fall 2009 collection, but I'm pretty sure it's in their regular line now because I only got it a couple months ago. Wild At Heart is a beautiful deep (but not dark) purple subtle holographic! I believe their are "dud" versions of this polish that aren't holo going around, but I have never seen a swatch of one. My version looks just like Scrangie's, so I'll judge it on that and say that mine isn't a dud. :) This polish is not meant to be crazy holographic like the Nfu Oh or the new Color Club holos are, it's subtle but so beautiful.

Wild At Heart is crazy pigmented! It's opaque in ONE coat! I used two out of habit though, hehe. And I added one coat of Essie Good to Go top coat. I don't think this dulled the holo, but I'm not entirely sure...

Do you own any Color Club holos? Or any holos in general? Which are your favourites? :)


natalsie said...

Beautiful!!! Must add this to my wishlist

Natalie said...

Stunning! I want this one so bad! @_@

Nanxe said...

beautiful!!! I'm pretty sure I have a 'dud', it's still absolutely gorgeous and glows but i definitely do not have a rainbow on my nails like your photos when i wear my version! stunning swatch Lissa!

Samantha Ann said...

This is a gorgeous holo! Very space like!

Fingers said...

I have this color and simply love it! Need to wear it again!

Elissa said...

Yes, yes you must ;) hehe. *enabler*

Elissa said...

You should definitely pick it up if possible! :)

Elissa said...

Aww that sucks! I bet it's still beautiful though :) Thankyou!

Elissa said...

It's amazing!

Elissa said...

Yes yes you must wear it again, haha :)

Cassie Goodwin said...

I just got two of the halo hues, and they are just eye burningly bright - which is awesome, because that's what I was hoping for. This looks lovely too though. Quite similar to Cirque's Fascination Street.

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