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Thursday, November 1, 2012

October Haul

Hey ladies! Happy November! Anything exciting happening for you this month?

I decided I wanted to (try) and do monthly nail polish hauls! :) I'll be showing you the polishes I picked up in October, as well as things I got in swaps!

*WARNING: PIC HEAVY* I really need to make a bigger light box.
Also, I'm going to tell you now that I went crazy this month. So please don't think negatively of me. I do NOT usually go insane like this, I promise. If you don't like haul posts, then you probably shouldn't reasd on.
Please don't leave any negative comments, I'll just delete them anyway so don't waste your time. ;)

Essie Stroke of Brilliance, Knockout Pout, Mint Candy Apple
I also bought Essie Mint Candy Apple and Knockout Pout in October. :)I did a small swap with my friend Tammy from FB! :) She sent me Essie's Stroke of Brilliance and also a bottle of Seche Vite top coat (not pictured because I've already used almost half haha)! Thank you Tammy!

China Glaze Ruby Pumps, Deviantly Daring, Orly Sunglasses At Night, Space Cadet
Sinful Colors Hottie, Sally Hansen Pacific Blue, Ulta Pinata Yada Yada
I did a swap with the lovely Mika! :) She was SO generous! She sent Orly Space Cadet and Sunglasses at Night, China Glaze Deviantly Daring and Ruby Pumps (yep, I didn't have Ruby Pumps yet! It was the first ChG I ever put on my wishlist too!), Sally Hansen Pacific Blue, Sinful Colors Hottie, Ulta Pinata Yada Yada and also OPI's RapiDry top coat! She also sent me a bottle of the Sally Hansen Instant Cuticle Remover, which I am LOVING! :D Thank you thank you thank you Mika!

Savvy Irish Coffee, Australis Speck-tacular
Savvy by DB Irish Coffee, which I first saw on Michelle from LabMuffin. :) I also bought Australis Speck-tacular topcoat which I believe is a close dupe of Picture Polish Festival. (I think...)

Urban Outfitters Sea Dust, Scorcher, Lollipop
American Apparel Supernova, Milani Gold, Spoiled Ants in my Pants, Checkin' Into Rehab
I did a swap with the amazing Felice from Instagram! :) The polishes she sent me were Spoiled by Wet n Wild Checkin' into Rehab and Ants in My Pants, Urban Outfitters Sea Dust, Lollipop and Scorcher, Milani Jewel FX Gold (wanted this one FOREVER!), and American Apparel Supernova! She also sent me an EOS lip balm which I have been wanting to try for sooo long too! Thanks so much Felice!

OPI Man With The Golden Gun
I also received this baby that I am SO FREAKIN EXCITED ABOUT! OPI's The Man with the Golden Gun from the 007 Skyfall collection. *-* I bought this one from eBay and it was an awesome price because I think this costs $40 here in Australia and I am not paying that much for a polish!

OPI DS Mystery, Lush Lacquer Birthday Cake
OPI DS Mystery and Lush Lacquer Birthday Cake from Carli at Konadlicious' blog sale!

Gloss n Sparkle Cotinga, Cuticle Oil, Sour Candy
Gloss n Sparkle (new bottles) Mirage, Witches Britches
I ordered from Gloss n Sparkle twice this month! :P Angela had a sale one weekend as she was clearing her old shaped bottles to make way for her new square shape bottles! :) I ordered Cotinga, and her lovely cuticle oil! And she generously included Sour Candy! <3
In my second order, I ordered Mirage and Witches Britches (LE for Halloween).

Face of Australia I'll Take You to the Candy Shop, Would You Like Some Orange Sorbet, Have Your Cupcake and Eat it Too, Castle on a Cloud
Face of Australia Boys n Berries, After Dinner Mint, Once in a Blue Moon, Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy
The new Face of Australia Pastels collection! I've been eagerly waiting for these to be released and I'm so excited that they finally are! Boys 'n' Berries, Once in a Blue Moon, After Dinner Mint, Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy, I'll Take You to the Candy Shop, Would You Like Some Orange Sherbet, Have Your Cupcake and Eat it Too and Castle on a Cloud. I hadn't intended on buying the whole set but once I had 7 of them, I had to go back for the 8th to complete the collection. LOL.

Dollish Polish Putting on the Ritzzz, Lush Lacquer Party Rockin, Dollish Polish A Peachy Princess, Glitter Gal Silver
OPI Warm and Fozzie, Designer de Better, DS Amethys
I purchased from the lovely Tara's blog sale! :) Dollish Polish Putting on the Ritzzz, A Peachy Princess, Lush Lacquer Party Rockin', Glitter Gal Silver, OPI minis Designer de Better, Warm and Fozzie (I did have this one already, but it was a disaster, read about that here) and DS Amethyst.

Femme Fatale Lacquer Formally Invited, Princess Jas
2 polishes from Femme Fatale Lacquer! She also packages her orders SO nicely and even included some Halloween candy! :)
I ordrered Princess Jas (THE DISNEY LOVER IN ME IS SO EXCITED!) and Formally Invited.

Emily de Molly Black and White Love Affair and a custom polish
I ordered 2 Emily de Molly polishes as well! I was so freakin' excited for these! I ordered a custom polish and Black and White Love Affair! I love my Aussie indies. Emily de Molly will also be available on Llarowe soon for anyone international!

Femme Fatale Cosmetics Tricky Treat, Shimmering Snowcap
Tricky Treats and Shimmering Snowcap from Femme Fatale Cosmetics. A little confusing that there's also a shop called Femme Fatale Lacquer but that's okay! ;) Her packaging was also SO CUTE!

Sally Hansen Showgirl Chic, Revlon Jaded Night, Cotton Candy
Sally Hansen Showgirl Chic from the Gem Crush line. This one is pretty much a dupe for Lorelai's Tiara by China Glaze. :)
I also bought two Revlons from Cheap as Chips, Jaded Night and Cotton Candy (scented).

Models Own Indian Ocean, Pinky Brown, Utopia
I did a little group order when Models Own polishes were having a 50% off sale at the beginning of the month with the lovely Sharon from IG! Thanks for letting me join your order Sharon! :) I ordered Pinky Brown, Indian Ocean and Utopia!

Revlon Buttercup, Sinful Colors Unicorn, Easy Going
My swap package from Dana from PolishedClawsUp! :) She sent me Revlon Buttercup (which I have wanted FOREVER, YAY!) and Sinful Colors Unicorn and Easy Going! Thank you so so much Dana! :)

Essence Party Princess, Modern Romance, Grey-t to Be Here\
Essence Gold Fever, Walk on the Wild Side, I Love Bad Boys
The new Essence range FINALLYYYYY came out here! I was soooo eager to find these and finally on the weekend I found them! :) I picked up Modern Romance, Oh My Glitter, Walk on the Wild Side, I Love Bad Boys, Party Princess, Gold Fever and Grey-t to Be Here. :) I am a huge fan of the new bottle design and the new brushes are really wide too, which I love in polishes. The PolishAholic took a photo of the old brush and new brush so you can see the difference, if you're interested, you can see that HERE. :)

American Apparel Imperial Purple, Butter London No More Waity Katie
American Apparel Australia had a promotion where you could go in and get a free polish if you signed up to their newsletter (not specified on the FB page but they asked when I went in). I think it's still on (only at a few stores, though), check their Facebook page for more info! I chose Imperial Purple.
And...I couldn't help myself! Butter London No More Waity Katie! <3 I walked into Fireflies, saw the Butter London rack and had to walk away with one. The staff in Fireflies were really nice too!

Essence Alice Had a Vision - Again, Edward's Love, Jacob's Protection
My Target stocked the Essence Twilight Breaking Dawn TE a day before expected! I picked up Jacob's Protection, Alice Had a Vision - Again, and Edward's Love. The names are a bit lame LOL. But oh well, I still love them. They look freaking gorgeous.

Phew! I bought and received a hell of a lot this month. I counted before publishing this and I do NOT want to write the number... If you count, keep it to yourself. I'm so embarrassed, lol! :|
I'm so glad I have all of you polish lovers to show this to because no one else would understand! I will definitely need to limit myself in November. Please note that this is the BIGGEST haul I've ever done in one month! :| I NEVER buy this much polish, honestly.

Let me know if you'd like me to keep doing these posts. I personally love seeing other bloggers' hauls. I love seeing what everyone else is buying and what I can expect to see shown on their blogs! :)
But I know some people can see hauls as "bragging", though I don't, I hope you don't either because I am not the bragging type.

I'll obviously be swatching/wearing this all eventually but let me know if there's anything in particular you'd like to see swatched first. :)



Anthea | NailedObsession said...

There were so many times when I was reading this that I went OOOOOO THAT'S PRETTY! You'll love Ruby Pumps, it was my first ever China Glaze, it's really special :)

finefingers said...

Totally not bragging! I love reading these cause it makes me feel better ;-D Anyone who doesn't like it can just press delete and not read can't they? Don't feel guilty, we don't!!

A Polished Prance said...

Nice work hun, I looved seeing your haul :)

Melissa J said...

Don't feel guilty. It happens. I went kind of crazy this month, too.

Another dupe for the Gem Crush/Lorelei's Tiara is Ice Dream from Sinful Colors holiday line. =)

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