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Friday, November 2, 2012

Lush Lacquer - Birthday Cake (Happy Birthday Sis & Bro!)

Hello lovelies! TGIF!
First off I want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAAAAAAAY to my little brother & sister (they're twins obviously haha) who turn 13 today! :) I thought I'd do a birthday theme mani to celebrate!

This is one coat of Lush Lacquer Birthday Cake over one coat of Face of Australia Castle on a Cloud from the new Pastels collection, which is a very muted lilac that has a strong grey undertone but is still a pastel. It also has a really pretty shimmer. Birthday Cake mostly covered up Castle on a Cloud but that was my plan. I didn't want to do two coats of Birthday Cake because as you'll read below, it was preeeetty thick.

I bought Birthday Cake from Carli's blog sale! :) I've been wanting this for the LONGEST time so I'm really happy to finally own it. It is sooo cute.
I'm sad to say, though, that it was a nightmare to apply! I'm not sure if that's because having bought it from a blog sale, it's been used once and became thick (which isn't Carli's fault if that's the case haha) or that it's PACKED with glitter and that it's a mini, but it was veeeeery thick and pasty, almost as if I was actually applying cake to my nails. LOL! But I managed to get it on my nails which is the main thing. ;) I suspect it just needs some thinner and I'm out of it right now but I have a bottle on its way to me so when I get that, I'll be adding some to my bottle. :) The cuteness of this polish definitely makes up for the fact that it was hard to apply. It wasn't particularly gritty when I'd finished the mani but it was extremely thick after applying 2 topcoats (one coat Essence Gel Look and one coat Seche Vite). I hate when my manis are really thick but this was so cute that I dealt with it.

I rare shot of my nails without a bottle. :O Mini bottles are hard to hold in photos.

Happy birthday again to my brother & sister! I can't believe you're 13! My little sister is like my little best friend! :) Here's a couple old photos of me and the twins. Hehe, hope they don't kill me for this. ;)

Photos of me & my siblings taken around the end of 2008.

Happy birthday twinnies, and have a great weekend everyone! We have a fun weekend of parties to look forward to! :D


Sara Nail said...

Love love this!<3

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