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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Face of Australia Pretty Pastels Collection Swatches - My Picks

Hey guys!
I have swatches of the new Face of Australia Pretty Pastels collection to show you! This is a little late, I'd planned on doing this as soon as I had all of the colours I wanted but other things got in the way. That's okay though. I have them for you today! :)
I actually picked up the whole collection even though in the beginning I'd planned on only getting 5 of them! :P Most of you probably know that I am mad about pastels! So really it's no surprise that I bought them all.

Here's what Face of Australia says about their Pretty Pastels collection...
"- Advanced formula, dries in 60 seconds
- Long wearing, chip resistant
- Gloss finish
- Toluene free, Formaldehyde free, Dibutyl Phthalate free"

After Dinner Mint is a bright mint green. It's much brighter and maybe a bit bluer than any other mint green I own. 3 thin coats.

Boys 'n' Berries is a great periwinkle purple sort of colour. Great pigmentation. 2 coats.

Castle On A Cloud is a pale, muted purple with a grey undertone. It has a very fine silver shimmer that doesn't really show on the nails much. Very opaque! 2 coats.

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy is a lemon yellow, as the name would suggest. ;) This is 3 coats. It looks a bit uneven; topcoat would smooth that right out.

Have Your Cupcake and Eat it Too is a blue toned bubblegum sort of pink. Great pigmentation, 2 coats.

I'll Take You to the Candy Shop is a light pink with a frosty/pearl finish. I'm sadly not a fan of this one, just because of the finish. It looks pretty streaky on the nails too. 3 coats.

Once in a Blue Moon is a baby blue. My bottle is pretty thick and not that nice to work with. I need to add some thinner. This is 3 coats. It's strange that it's thick, but still needs 3 coats, lol.

Last but not least is Would You Like Some Orange Sherbet, which is a peachy orange. An orange I don't mind on my skintone! This needed 3 coats and was a teeny bit patchy still. Probably could've avoided patches if I was more careful, however.

I would have to disagree about them drying in 60 seconds, sadly. It wasn't like they took hours to dry or anything like that, but I really don't think there's many polishes that actually do dry in 60 seconds, though many of them claim to...
I can't comment on them being long wearing, since I only swatched these shades and I don't wear my polish longer than a day or two.

Overall, I really love these polishes and even though I'm a huge fan of pastels and own a lot now, they're pretty much all unique to my collection! :) The only one I'm not a fan of is obviously I'll Take You To The Candy Shop, because I don't like the finish.

I've only found this collection in Priceline and Big W so far (Big W had a fully stocked stand but I went back to Priceline a week after they'd had the stand fully stocked and there was only a couple polishes left), apparently it will be stocked in Kmart, and some girls have found it there, but the Kmarts near me don't have it yet.
They retail for $4.95 but sometimes you can find Face of Australia on sale. :)
You can also buy Face of Australia at FashionAddict but they do not ship nail polish overseas unfortunately.

Elissa xx

The polishes shown were purchased by me. This post is not sponsored by Face of Australia in any way.


Koma Bunny said...

These pastel colours are sooo amazing! :)

Julz Perri said...

I really like Castle on a cloud and Would You Like Some Orange Sherbet! And I actually really would like a Sherbie now :p

Such beautiful colours and your swatches are impeccable!

BartTart said...

OMGoodness! Not only am I in love with these colors, but your nails too! I love the shape, they are absolutely perfect!

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