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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

10/10 Go Pink Wednesday

Hi girly girls!

I've decided to join some other bloggers who are doing a series for the month of October for Breast Cancer Awareness. This series was started by Andrea from Finger Painting Fingers so if you'd like to join, you can read all about it here! :) I'm a week behind but that's okay. ;) Even if you don't have a blog, you should join in! :) Send me photos on Twitter or tag me on Instagram if you do because I'd love to see your pink manis! If you don't, maybe you could think about donating to Breast Cancer research. :) At all the supermarkets and shops near me, they have a lot of little knick-knacks like pens, ribbons, bracelets etc. that you can buy at the counter and the proceeds to go Breast Cancer research.

Also, side note, I'm thinking of making a Facebook account especially for my blog, as I don't want to make a "fan page". Let me know if you'd be interested in friend-ing me on Facebook for updates etc. :) I know that some of my readers don't have an Instagram (my username is @elissafay if you do) or Twitter (@elissaloo) which is where I will usually post any updates. So please let me know if you'd like me to create a Facebook account where you can 'friend' me and see more updates from me! :)

For my mani I decided to use my first indie polish! :D I recieved this in my swap with Natalie and I was so so so excited to try it! :)

This is two coats of California Gurl by Dollish Polish, layered over OPI - Kiss Me On My Tulips which are both mini bottles. Let me take a moment to tell you how much I dislike OPI mini bottles. :( The brushes suck. I make such a mess with the mini brushes! And also, after using one of the mini polishes a few times, it becomes impossible to get any more product out! :( Very annoying, since I have a LOT of OPI minis and I just don't want to use them because of how annoying the bottles are.

Anyway, Kiss Me On My Tulips is a gorgeous hot pink. It has something different to other hot pinks in my collection, though I don't own many others because hot pink is pretty classic and I don't even reach for it often. I think KMOMT has a blue undertone, which makes it unique in my collection. :) I really like it and I'd like to buy a full size bottle if I can find it.

California Gurl by Dollish Polish is a mix of very small and medium pink glitter, and some slightly larger teal/blue glitters. I believe an old version of this had hearts and stars in it instead of the regular blue glitters which I think would've been so fun! I still like the new version though. :) I had no problems with the Dollish Polish mini bottle/brush. :) This glitter is so pretty and girly! :D It also didn't dry to a super gritty finish and was smooth with one coat of Seche Vite!

I also matte-ified this mani after wearing it for half a day. :) I used the Rimmel London Lyrca Pro Matte Finish top coat. It's not the best matte top coat, judging from other swatches I've seen but it does an okay job at matte-ifying. :)

Matte-ified Macro!
This makes me want to try loads more indie polishes! x) Which may not be such a good thing for my wallet. ;)

If you'd like more information about Breast Cancer and how you can help, go to: The National Breast Cancer Foundation Australia website.



Lindsey Roberts said...

Kiss Me On My Tulips is on my want list!!

Helena / Lacky Corner said...

Very pretty!

maRyya said...

looks pretty matte :) come check mine!

Shannara said...

I love it both ways :)

Arletta said...

It looks so Pretty as a matte!

Gosia said...

I love KMOMT!! It's one of my favorite pinks!!! And it looks awesome with Dollish Polish!

Essie Rae iheartprettypolish said...

Oh pretty! This is such an awesome mani.

Susy´s Nails said...

It looks beautiful! My favorite one is the matte version.

Shannon @ So You Think You Can Paint said...

Great combo! I've been wondering what I should layer California Girl over and here it is! <3

Kelly said...

So pretty! These two go perfect together! And mattified - WOW.

Liesl (lieslloves) said...

So pretty! Glitters look so cool mattified. :)

Andrea said...

I am not a fan of matte polish unless it's to matte-ify a glitter or flakie. It always makes glitters pop so much more! Like putting them under a microscope! Love California Gurl on you. It's beautiful!

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