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Friday, October 12, 2012

This is Halloween: 12/10 Jack o Lanterns

Hey lovely ladies!

I want to apologise for my previous mani I put up for this challenge. It was far from my best work! I'm trying to do my manis for the challenge at least a few days in advance so that in case my idea doesn't work out, I have time to retry it. :)

Today's theme is Jack o Lanterns! I wish people carved/decorated pumpkins here. It looks like fun! Okay, I wish we celebrated Halloween properly here to begin with!

For this mani I used Essie - Fear or Desire (told you that you'd be seeing this polish a lot in the challenge! I reckon by the time it's over, I'll have used up the whole mini bottle!) and a black BYS striper, which I am in need of replacing because it's becoming a bit stringy and thick! They're great stripers but they're kinda pricey at $5 each from Gloss.

I chose to do my Jack o Lantern only on my ring finger, and I did black french tips on all other nails. :) I wanted to make my Jack o Lantern more of a cute/happy looking one. Didn't really work. LOL.

I tested out my mum's camera for these photos. Not sure if I like it better than my camera. My camera seems to make all of my photos look very dark, even when I take them outside (unless I'm in the sun - and there hasn't been any of that for the last few days!). I made a small light box the other day which is what I used to take these photos. Please bare with me while I try and figure out a good lighting/camera situation! I'm not a fan of the glare on these photos. :(

Hope you enjoyed! I have some exciting stuff coming up soon so stay tuned! I also have a lot of polish on its way to me in the next couple weeks. ;) Make sure to follow me via GFC, BlogLovin or email (whichever you prefer), so you can stay updated if you wish! :)



Mette said...

Uhh, pretty! And i like the black french tips! ;)

- Mette /

Jacqui of The Scholarly Nail said...

This looks awesome!! Love the accent nail and love the black tips on the others!

Jennifer [littlejsnailcorner] said...

Ahhh such a cute manicure!! Your pumpkin is so adorable :]

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