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Monday, October 29, 2012

QOTW 5: Favourite Nail Polish Brand

Hey girls! :) How are we all? Hope you're having a good weekend!

Today's QOTW is...
What is your favourite nail polish brand?

To be honest I don't know if I can pin point one favourite brand. I like a lot of brands and I have things that I like and dislike about every brand! I can definitely choose a few that are up there though. :)

OPI is definitely one of my favourite brands if I had to choose. The formula on every OPI I've tried is great and I love their wide brushes. I think OPI nail polishes were the ones that got me addicted to polish. I didn't even know that OPI was sold in Australia until a bit over a year ago. I was super disappointed when I discovered that they retail for $19.95 here. :( I'll admit I paid full price for maybe half my OPIs in my collection. My first OPI polish was Do You Lilac It and I absolutely loved it. I've used half the bottle which rarely happens! I love OPI because they frequently release new collections (about 8 a year I believe...?) and there's always at least a few from each collection that I feel like I must own! :) If OPI weren't so expensive here (though I can buy it cheaper online), it would be my favourite. I think I own about 10 full size OPIs now, and a whole lot of minis! I will say that I hate the brushes on their mini bottles.

China Glaze
China Glaze is definitely another brand that is totally up there for me! I can find them for a pretty good price in salons here so that's great too. China Glaze doesn't release quite as many collections as OPI does throughout the year but their collections are also quite nice! :) I haven't had any problems with the China Glaze formula at all! I think I have the same amount of China Glaze in my collection as I do OPI. :)

Essence is definitey one of my all time favourite brands. Their formula is awesome and the price tag is even better! Essence is so freakin' cheap and I just love it. They release TE (trend edition) collections really frequently and they have a lot of awesome unique polishes in their collections! :) I own a lot of Essence and I will definitely continue to buy them! Essence has just recently changed the formula and colours of their core line polishes which is both exciting and disappointing for me. I had to stock up on some of my faves before they got discontinued. ;)

Ulta3 is an Australian brand that can be found in pharmacies, Target and some supermarkets. You kind of have to 'bin dive' for colours and you don't really know what you're going to find. Haha. I find the whole bin diving thing kind of annoying when I'm looking for a certain colour. Ulta3 is super cheap at only $2 and their formula is pretty good for the price tag. :) They don't always have super unique colours, but for $2 I like to buy all my basic colours from Ulta3. :) I also find myself buying them when I didn't even mean to go out for polish. :P

So those are just a few of my favourite brands and a little about them. :)
What are your favourite brands and why? If you can, let me know your favourite polishes from within those brands. :D



MumOfAussieKids said...

I love china glaze as I find they wear extremely well also love essence the colour payoffs are excellent and apply perfect and so affordable

Vashti Lee said...

I love Ulta3! I recently did a NOTD with their new polish 'Over The Rainbow' It's just stunning :) xoxo

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