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Monday, October 1, 2012

Polyvore Collage Days: Favourite Character From a TV Show

Hello again! So silly me forgot to do my post on Sunday for the Polyvore Collage Days! It's okay I'm sick. x)

So the theme is Favourite Character From a TV Show. I watch a lot of TV shows (or I used to... I have fallen behind on a LOT of shows I used to watch... Like seasons behind!) but my ALL time favourite is The OC. Considering some of the themes in the show, I can't believe I got hooked on it when I was only 11 (that's when it started airing in Australia). I will never ever ever get sick of The OC.
Anyway, my favourite character is Marissa Cooper! I was so sad that she left at the end of season 3. The show was definitely not the same without her in season 4, but season 4 is actually probably my favourite season. Weird LOL.
So I thought that I would pick out some polishes that Marissa would probably wear! :D I can't actually remember any time where I've seen Marissa's nails or paid enough attention to see what she's wearing but here's what I think she would wear on her nails! (I may not do a collage about polish every week, depending on what the theme is).
Marissa has a very classic, feminine style. So I think that would translate to her nails too.


Top L-R:

  • Essie - Lady Like. I featured this in last week's post too! My favourite mauve-y nude sort of shade. <3
  • Butter London - Pink Ribbon. A pretty french manicure colour.
  • China Glaze - Innocence. Another jelly-ish french manicure colour.
  • OPI - Sweet Heart. A really nice pink-y nude.
  • OPI - Big Apple Red. Classic red!
Bottom L-R:
  • Essie - Neo Whimsical. Very pastel, muted purple-y pink.
  • Essie - Topless and Barefoot. Another pretty nude.
  • Essie - Vanity Fairest. A subtle french manicure shade with a subtle shimmer.
  • OPI - Black Onyx. A black creme that I could definitely see Marissa wearing in season 3 when she starts to dress more "edgy".
  • Essie - Sugar Daddy. Sheer pink.



Mihaela (lacquerbuzz) said...

I'm kinda weird because I always look to see what people are wearing on the nails, both in real life and when I watch something. Whenever I see a real color on somebody's nails on TV or in a movie, I squeal of excitement (in my head, of course). I haven't watched The OC, so I don't know your character but these are still some lovely picks!

Elissa said...

@Mihaela (lacquerbuzz)
Nails are the first thing I notice about people too! In real life and on tv but I just can't recall seeing her nails in the hundreds of times I've watched this show! :/ So strange haha.

Joanna said...

That is an awesome selection of pastels and pretties!

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