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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Ulta3 Pretty Pastels Collection Swatches and Review

Hi there! Hope you're enjoying your weekend so far! :) I have something exciting to show you today! Well I'm very excited about it; I hope you are too! :D

I have my swatches and review of the Ulta3 Pretty Pastels collection for spring and summer 2012 to share with you! :) I LOVE pastels so I am super excited about this! If you read my blog regularly you'll know that I am a huge fan of Ulta3 polishes! They have an awesome formula and at $2, how can you NOT love Ulta3?!

Ulta3 says...

"Impulse cosmetics brand ulta3 delivers on trend nail collections each season. Inspired by the
runways of Paris and New York ulta3 brings you 6 new shades in the Spring/Summer 2012
Pretty Pastels collection.
Pastel hues, from sweet pale pinks to sky blues, make nails look feminine, clean and fun, and
they perfectly complement a glowing spring tan.
Update your nail wardrobe with the prettiest of pastels! The versatile new nail shades are the
ultimate fashion accessory this spring and summer."

Corsican Rose* is a gorgeous mint green with a very subtle silver shimmer. You have to look hard to see the shimmer in the bottle and it's not super noticeable on the nails either, so if you're not a fan of shimmers, I'd say this is still "creme" enough for you to enjoy! This one needed 3 coats for opacity and because there was a little bit of streaky-ness. The formula was a little thick but not hard to work with. It was a good kind of thick. :) I own a lot of mint greens but this one seems unique to my collection.

Lilac Bloom* is a gorgeous lilac creme. This one doesn't have the subtle shimmer like some of the others in the collection do. Pastel lilacs are definitely one of my favourite polish colours! I have a lot, and this one is definitely my favourite of them all! The brush on my bottle was a little weird with a bristle sticking out but it was easy to fix. Lilac Bloom* was also on the thicker side but it was still really nice to apply. This one needed 2 coats for opacity but I did 3 to cover some bald spots.

Orange Blossom* is a sheer jelly formula orange! I love jelly formula polishes! They dry super shiny and have this squishy-ness to them that I love. This was lovely to work with and just the perfect thickness. Jelly formula polishes can tend to be runny but this was nice. I used 3 coats but if you wanted to completely cover any VNL (visible nail line) you'd want to use 4. Orange Blossom* would be a great one to use for jelly sandwich manicures which are popular right now. This is where you paint 1-2 coats of your jelly formula polish, then a coat of a glitter polish, and then top that with another coat of your jelly polish! I'll definitely be trying a jelly sandwich with this polish soon! 

Pale Dahlia* is a really pretty pastel pink. Pink is a colour I own a lot of, but this one is another unique one to my collection! This one also has the subtle silver shimmer that Corsican Rose* has. It's less subtle in this polish though, as you can see in my photos! :) It's very pretty! I used 3 coats for opacity, but I unfortunately had a couple of bald spots still. I think that may have been my fault though, not waiting long enough between coats. :P The formula on this one was again, thick but easy to work with!

Pink Peony* is a gorgeous hot pink! Not really "pastel", but I still love it. I actually don't own many hot pink polishes because they're all so similar. I don't need like 20 hot pink polishes in my collection. But this one is quite unique compared to the ones I already own! :) AGAIN, this one was thick but easy to work with. I used 2 coats, but I probably could've gone through with a third to even everything out a bit more. Pink Peony* is gorgeous and I definitely see myself wearing it loads this spring/summer. :)

Soft Hydrangea is totally gorgeous. A bright baby blue, that's also pastel at the same time! Very hard to explain but I absolutely love it. This one also has the super subtle silver shimmer in the bottle but I don't see it on the nails. This was the most opaque of the whole collection! I needed 2 coats for opacity and it had no bald spots or streaking. :) And once again, it was on the thicker side but super easy to apply. Definitely one of my faves!

Overall I absolutely LOVE the Ulta3 Pretty Pastels collection! I am a big fan of pastels and these do not disappoint! :) The formula on all of them was great and I will be sporting these on my nails a lot this spring and summer! My number one favourite from the whole collection is probably Soft Hydrangea, but I love them all so much! I DEFINITELY recommend all of these shades! They'll be a great addition to your polish collection!

The Pretty Pastels collection also comes with a gift with purchase! When you spend $10 or more on the collection you get a cute, colourful, FREE tote bag which was designed exclusively by Neryl Walker for Ulta3!

The Ulta3 Pretty Pastels collection is available in Australia from September 2012 for RRP $2.00.
For stockists please call 1800 181 040.

*Products marked with an asterisk were provided to me for review but this does not influence my opinion in any way. My reviews are 100% my honest opinion. For more information please see my Disclosure Policy.


Shelby's Swatches said...

Lilac Bloom & Soft Hydrangea are my favorites; amazing swatches!

Kristy said...

Such gorgeous swatches

citygirl907 said...

Wow your swatches look amazing!!!!! And your nails are super awesome, thanks for sharing :) Great post and some great polishes, love the look of lilac bloom.

Jennifer [littlejsnailcorner] said...

Wow I love all these! Gorgeous swatches :]

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