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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Urban Outfitters - Lollipop

Hey hey! :)

I have a NOTD to show you that I wore a week or so ago. I 'm a little behind on showing NOTDs  so I'm gonna show you them while I have super nubbins while they grow out a little. ;)

This is another Urban Outfitters polish I got from Felice in our swap! :) Thank you again Felice!
This is Lollipop! A pink jelly base with LOADS of glitter. It's mostly primary coloured glitter (red, blue and gold/yellow) and some green too. I wish it had some pink mixed in there too!
A lot of people thought this may be a dupe for Deborah Lippmann's Candy Shop, but it's definitely not. The glitter in Lollipop is MUCH more dense than in Candy Shop and Candy Shop also has more colours of glitter in the mix.

These Urban Outfitters polishes are really awkward to hold in photos! Haha.

I enjoyed wearing this polish BUT the removal was not so fun. I used the foil method with pure acetone and it was still hard to remove! :/

This polish was pretty thick but not as thick as I'd expected from reading other people's reviews. I used two coats.

This is a nice polish but not something I see myself wearing all the time just because of how hard it was to remove! Being so glittery, it also chipped pretty quickly and I only wore it for about 24 hours!

There is a polish by Claire's in the US that I believe is a better dupe if you're looking for something close to Deborah Lippmann Candy Shop. And I think it's about the same price as UO polishes! So if you want a dupe for Candy Shop, I'd suggest looking at Claire's. Or if you're not from the US, try eBay. :)

Oh, you probably have also noticed that I changed my blog layout! I think this one will be only temporary. I'm working on creating my own layout from scratch! :) It may take me a while though so look out for that!



Julie said...

I love these kinds of polishes. So pretty :)

Shelby's Swatches said...

this is gorgeous! I like uo polishes a lot

Amanda N said...

wowow!! this look stunning! I would like to add this to my collection! I love that it is also not a clear base

Frosso said...

Love this! I agree it's not a dupe of Candy Shop from the looks of it it's just similar.

citygirl907 said...

Hi :)

I am organising a challenge, that can be completed at your own pace (so it's nice and easy to do) would love it if you participated with me :)

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