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Friday, October 26, 2012

This is Halloween: 26/10 Witches

Hello ladies! TGIF! ;)

I kinda took the easy way out for today's This is Halloween challenge... >:)

This is Witches Britches, a limited edition for Halloween polish by Gloss n Sparkle! :) Now obviously, I chose it for today because of the name!

Witches Britches is a purple base with large and medium orange, large, medium and small green, and large, medium and small black hex glitters! I think some of the smaller glitters are squares too. :)
I have two cameras and they BOTH suck at photographing colours like this! :( It always makes them look too blue. I edited it to look more acurate as much as I could but it's not 100% accurate.

I've been SO into Halloween polishes like this lately so I just HAD to buy this when I ordered from Gloss n Sparkle! But even though I've been really into Halloween indies, I actually only bought two. I'd have loved more but since I'll only ever wear Halloween colours in October, I didn't think it was worth buying every Halloween polish I set my eyes on. ;)

Only three more days left of the This is Halloween Challenge! :( I won't know what to do with myself when it's over! I'll have to get my act together with some things to post next month! I've acquired a lot of polish lately so I'm sure I won't have a shortage of stuff to swatch for you. ;)



Lindsey Roberts said...

I hate taking photos of purple!! I even have a super nice DSLR camera and I STILL have to color correct! It's an awesome polish though, I'm much more into green and purple for Halloween than orange and black!

Lindsey Roberts said...

FYI - It took me 3 tries to get the comment verification right - if you don't need it, it would be awesome to turn it off! :D I mean this lovingly, you have a great blog and I love comments but hate those blurry little codes, lol!

Elissa said...

Thanks for letting me know Lindsey, I didn't even know I had the comment verification turned on! Whoops!

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